The Autism Society Philippines (ASP) is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to the well-being of persons with autism spectrum disorder. The ASP has been in the forefront of providing services and training to families living with autism.

05 June 2015

ASP Family Support Group for June 2015

ASP monthly family support group sessions bring together parents, siblings and other family members to talk about their journey in living with autism. Participants share their experiences and draw enlightenment and strength from others going through the same challenges. We welcome members and non-members to this intimate gathering.

Our facilitator for the June 20 Family Support Group session is Mary Janette I. Peña. Jan is the immediate past-President of ASP National and one of the movers behind the meteoric creation of ASP chapters nationwide. Her exemplary efforts have gathered; hundred of members from Cavite alone. Her passion in serving the autism community earned her a title as ASP’s “hypermom”. Mom to her three children, Tita Jan’s second child is Muneer, a young man with autism.

Date: June 20, 2015
Time: 2:00-4:00 pm
Venue: Avida Settings Clubhouse Molino Road, Bacoor City, Cavite

Sign up for the Family Support Group below or call 926-6941 or 929-8447. Only 15 seats are available.

28 May 2015

Empowering the Families through Nutritional Intervention

Autism Society Philippines Laguna Chapter continues its services to empower persons with disabilities and their families through health related activities. The live blood analysis was conducted at Autism Resource Center (ARC) in Los Baños on April 23,2015 in partnership with a member facility, Heart for Autism Research and Training Center HeART Center) in coordination with the Christian Development Center. ASP Laguna believes in the power of a healthy lifestyle and its effects in our lives.

Fifty four persons participated in the said activity. To begin with, an orientation was conducted by Ms. Aisa Mendiola, HeART Center Directress. It was followed by a short discussion by Ms. Millet Buenafe, Hallelujah Health Minister from Christian Development Center. She was joined by three of her peers. Height and weight were measured, which were used to compute the Body Mass Index (BMI). The result of the BMI measurements were compared to the standard lists.

True to what we have seen in the monitor as the blood samples were analyzed, we have seen the Normal Red Blood Cells (RBC) which is round, uniform in shape and free flowing. The White Blood Cells (WBC), which is larger than the RBC, is irregular in shape and also moves independently. These healthy cells was seen in the result of live blood analysis of Aisa Mendiola, a cancer survivor for 9 years. This only proved that there is hope if we aggressively pursue a healthy lifestyle.

We are glad to see some of good results of some of the ARC trainees namely David Michael Lopez, Emmanuel Zamora and Michael Cansanay as well as Kim Lapastora of Los Baños Community Center (LBCC). Most of the participants seen to have damaged cells, rouleaux (worse stage of protein linkage, resembling a file of coin), RBC aggregation, uric acid, ovalocytes, microcytes, etc... Based on the results, participants became aware on what is happening in their body and were advised to be careful in the choice of food consumed. The healthy lifestyle has to be coupled by regular exercise,
early morning sunshine exposure and most of all, seek the Divine intervention for the positive change in life.

ASP Laguna is grateful for those who have participated in this endeavour and we look forward in reaching out to other places to empower persons with disabilities and their families through this activity.

According to the disclaimer in live blood analysis form, it is “a unique technique of viewing live blood is not a diagnostic procedure for specific diseases. It is more of a screening test to reflect how one’s dietary and lifestyle may be influencing health. For our purposes, we simply want to view the “terrain” of the blood to catch a glimpse of the overall “toxic load” and consequent state of health of our client. It can often point you in a direction to take appropriate adjustments that are necessary within these areas in order to optimize health and prevent the onset of disease. Health problems and degenerative conditions can be prevented with early nutritional intervention.”

About the contributor: Ms. Catherine L. Lopez is a mother of a young adult with autism studying at UP Los Baňos. She is the Job Coach for the office and messenger services of Autism Resource Center. She also serves as the President of ASP Laguna Chapter.

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25 May 2015

Cebu Pacific Airbus Flight Orientation

7 Members from ASP UP CAMP Manila, 6 from ASP Pasay, 3 from ASP Mandaluyong and 1 from Footsteps Learning Center under ASP National were invited to have a flight orientation by Cebu Pacific last May 22, 2015. Children with autism (CWA), who mostly were first timers to see a real airplane up close, were given a chance to explore the different parts of the Airbus 350, the biggest plane of Cebu Pacific. This was done to orient the participants / CWA on what to see in an airplane, in case they would really be having a trip in the future. The CWAs and their mothers / guardians saw both the economy class, business class and even tried sitting on the pilot's seat in the cockpit.

The activity was most useful to Wesley Miles of Footsteps Learning Center because it was a chance for him to overcome his fear of airplanes. In the shuttle bus, he got fidgety and anxious from seeing the airplanes we have passed by the hangar. His teacher told us that he was left behind two times already because his family can't make him enter the airplane they need to ride for their trip.

After most of the group were finished exploring the plane, Wesley was just starting to overcome his fear of seeing the Airbus. We were about to go back to the Cebu Pacific office, but he was just about to start his ascend of the plane’s stairs. He kept coming up a few steps then going down again. We cheered him on for him to continue going up the stairs. The Cebu Pacific / Airbus crew also helped convince him to go up. His teacher was waiting for him near the entrance of the plane. He and his teacher just chose to stay and be left behind by the group because Wesley was just starting his adventure of the Airbus then.

The group was also treated to snacks and some souvenirs – cap, baller bracelet and bag tag of Airbus. My son, Rolo, is fond of playing airplane games in his I-pad. So this activity gave us a chance to let him see an actual airplane up close. He can’t stop staring at the airplanes we passed by while still inside the shuttle bus. He was excited more when we were about to go up the airplane. When he was seated inside, he was asking for the plane to take off. He wore a bigger smile when he saw the cockpit and was able to sit on the pilot’s seat. He watched the other planes taking off or running by the hangar. He also saw a helicopter. It was a treat for him especially because the activity was done a day before his birthday.

Thanks to all the crew and staff of Cebu Pacific and ASP for this opportunity! Hope we can have this activity regularly for other members to experience it too. I know it’s also a learning experience for the staff of Cebu Pacific because they get to see the different reactions of the CWAs upon seeing and going inside the airplane. They would know more about how to handle them properly in case they get to encounter a CWA in a real flight.

After the event, we ask for comments and reactions from the participants through text and here are some of the replies:

“Even for a short time, I saw my daughter amazed and excited looking at the airplanes and helicopter in real life, she saw a landing aircraft, and she was really excited to see the inside of the airplane, she already wanted to ride. She was ready to go and ride without fear. Thank you!
I hoped they were given a paper or certificate that they had an orientation so that if ever someone interviews her, she can say she had experienced and was given a flight orientation
already.” – Esther Nosotros

“Enjoy na enjoy kahit mainit. Thanks!” - Aida Larga

“Thank you Cebu Pacific! Happy na naman ang aming mga anghel sa buhay lalo na ang anak kong si Aldae Buendia. First time nya makasakay ng airplane at makaupo. Sana sa next activity yung nakalipad naman ang eroplano kahit malapit na destination lang. Thanks and God bless ASP!” – Dolores Buendia

“Thank you so much for inviting us. We were able to convince him to go inside the plane though
it took us an hour. I hope we can join again your other endeavors. God bless!” – Teacher
Jesereth Santiago

“Yes, we enjoyed it. Thank you very much and more power to you all. God bless!” - Carolina Lim

“Thanks so much po. It was a great experience.” – Tess Dimayuga

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About the contributor: Jennette F. Rodriguez, a mother to 3 kids, including an boy with autism, is the Secretary of ASP UP CAMP Manila Chapter and a Parent-Volunteer at the Padre Gomez SPED Center. A graduate of BS Commerce major in Economics at University of Santo Tomas, she has assisted in organizing several events of the chapter and has given talks on Orientation on Autism and ASP to different schools and colleges, and PWD Ministries in the Vicariate of Loreto.

24 May 2015

Seminar on Best Practices and Evidence-Based Interventions for Autism

Best Practices and Evidence-Based Interventions for Autism is a whole day seminar to discuss different topics about teaching techniques on how to teach individuals with autism and applying the principles of teaching. In this seminar not only teachers but also parents will learn the proper way of teaching and communicating with persons with communication deficits.

There will be three topics for the day. Morning session is Evidence-based Practices. The first one will delve into the established and emerging practices in teaching individuals with autism. Particular attention will be given to three evidence-based practices which are: prompting, reinforcement and video modeling.The second topic is Structured Teaching - Applying the Principles of TEACCH. Structured Teaching is an Applying the Principles of TEACCH in the Home and in the Classroom”. The seminar will include the rationale of structured teaching as well as specific strategies to make classrooms, homes and work environments more organized and predictable for individuals with autism.

Afternoon session topic is How to Set up a Communication System for Children with Autism.
Misses Mirandilla and Aguila will be sharing their knowledge and experience on how to establish an alternative and/or augmentative communication system for persons with communication deficits. They will show how a communication book or a Speech Generating Device can be set up and used to facilitate communication. An example of a speech generating device will also be shown and the reasons why AAC is so important will be discussed.

About the Speakers:

Maria Ruth Mirandilla, a Filipino based in California and has been serving as Special Education teacher in a K-3 Special Day Autism Class in Richmond,California, for the past 5 years. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Linguistics at University of the Philippines-Diliman, graduated Cum Laude. She took her Masters of Education in Special Education, Major in Teaching Children with Intellectual Disabilities at Philippine Normal University. She passed her California Basic Educational Skills Test last February 2011.

Maria G. Aguila, is a Filipino Special Day Class teacher based in California. She teaches K-3 students in one of the schools in Richmond, California. She started teaching in 2006 in different schools in California. Ms. Maria is a National Board Certified Teacher in Early Childhood through Young Adulthood/Exceptional Needs Specialist. She graduated Bachelor of Elementary Education at University of Sto. Tomas. In 2010 she finished her Education Specialist Instruction Credential at Sacramento State University.

Seminar Fees
Pre-reg *until June 23
ASP Member - P800
Non-member - P1000

On-site Registration
ASP Member - P1000
Non-member - P1200

Seminar Details
Topic: Best Practices and Evidence-Based Interventions for Autism
Date: 27 June 2015, Saturday
Time: 9:00AM - 4:00PM
Venue: Bridges Foundation, Inc. #22 Scout Limbaga St. Brgy. Laging Handa, Quezon City

Pre-registered participants may pay to Autism Society Philippines, Metro Bank, Kamias Branch Account Number 047-3-04751874-2. Please email the deposit slip with the name/s of participant/s at and bring it on the day of the seminar. On-site registrants will be accepted depending on the availability of slots. There will only be 40 slots available. No refund will be given to participants who do not show up on the date of the seminar. For more details, please call ASP at 02-926-6941 or 02-929-8447.

The ASP Education and Empowerment Program serves as a platform to educate Filipino parents and professionals on the various interventions, modalities and theories surrounding Autism Spectrum Disorder. Their application and implementation are left at your discretion. The views and personal experiences of the speakers are their own and may not necessarily reflect the views of the organization.

04 May 2015

“Wais Spend” DZUP 1602 Radio Guesting

In celebration of the National Autism Awareness Month, DZUP 1602, the AM radio station of the University Philippines- Diliman, simultaneously streamlined live online at extended its invitation to Autism Society Philippines to discuss autism and what more should people know about this case in an episode entitled “Matinong usapan para sa maunlad na bayan”.

The interview was broadcasted live last April 30 at “Wais Spend”, a radio program that seeks to help listeners on how to spend time, energy, money and resource wisely. The interviewee, ASP-BOT Gina Luna-Bermudo gave an overview of Autism Spectrum Disorder that included the DSM V definition,
characteristics, triggers and prevalence of Autism in the country.

In addition, Ms. Bermudo also informed the public about Autism Society Philippines by extensively discussing ASP’s organization profile; members, chapters and leadership; programs and services; public campaigns and the newly launched A-OK Philippines. Government laws and programs that are designed for the enrichments of the benefits available to persons with autism and their families were also explained.

The hosts were so moved by ASP’s “1Pangako campaign” that towards the end of the program, they signified their interest in helping spread awareness about not using the word “Autistic as a joke”. They started it by playing the entire campaign song “1Pangako” to close their “Wais Spend” episode for the day.

About the contributor: ASP Trustee Gina Luna Bermudo is a former international flight attendant and is a frequent resource person for airlines to improve service for passengers with autism. She graduated from Ateneo de Manila University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics, major in Computer Science and is currently taking her Masters Degree in Special Education at the University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City.

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