The Autism Society Philippines (ASP) is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to the well-being of persons with autism spectrum disorder. The ASP has been in the forefront of providing services and training to families living with autism.

17 December 2014

The largest crowd of winged angels

“Autism Inclusive Philippines: Aim High! Fly High!” is the theme of the 2015 Philippine National Autism Consciousness Week. The Autism Society Philippines continues to inspire awareness, acceptance and inclusion of persons with autism (PWAs) in society and to promote action by the public and private sectors towards enabling PWAs to live with dignity, enjoy equal rights and access, function independently and contribute productively.
In a symbolic gesture of solidarity and hope, participants of the Angels Walk for Autism -- which kicks off the NACW commemoration -- are encouraged to wear angel wings. Our community will attempt to set the world record for the largest crowd wearing angels wings. The largest registered contingent wearing angel wings will win P25,000!

While wings are NOT a requirement to join the Angels Walk and to enter the MOA Arena, only participants wearing wings will be allowed in the lower boxes to facilitate the counting for the world record attempt.  Thank you for your kind understanding!

How to qualify
  1. The contest is open to any organization or group.  The competing team must include at least one active ASP member.
  2. The participant must we bearing a GREEN tshirt and a pair of angel wings to qualify for this contest.
  3. The competing team must fill out the registration form below.
Wings Specifications
  1. The longest part of each wing should 16 inches -- from tip to tip.
  2. The wings should be designed to look like angel wings -- not butterflies' or fairies'.
  3. The wings should be WHITE or METALLIC SILVER.
  4. The wings may be made of any material that would stay erect throughout the day.
  5. The wings may be ready-made or DIY.
At the MOA Arena
  1. Contestants may enter MOA Arena as early as 7am to organize their team.
  2. Contestants are encouraged to enter the MOA Arena together to they can be seated together.
  3. Contestants need to send one representative to the MOA Arena front desk to sign in and confirm the team's arrival and confirmed number of people in their delegation.
  4. Sign-in for the competition will close at 8am.  Competing teams signing in after 8am will no longer be accepted.
  5. Official counting of the competing teams will happen from 8am to 9am.
  6. Winners will be announced at the Angels Walk program proper.

16 December 2014

The 2015 Angels Walk for Autism Icon Tshirt

Every year, since 2007, the Angels Walk for Autism has released tshirts for walk participants to use. In the early years, the shirts were text-heavy and promoted the Autism Society Philippines contact numbers in font that can be seen across a crowded room.

With the Angels Walk's growing popularity, the tshirt design has transformed from being a promotional shirt to being a valued collector's item. Individuals with autism and their families wear the Angels Walk shirts all year round, especially since the message of the shirt is enough to draw compassion and understanding without need for words.

This year's Angels Walk icon is a stylized imprint of a shoe, that integrates silhouettes of wings created by Japan-based artist Yuki Auxtero. Aside from a tasteful design, the shirts will be made available at the reasonable price of P150 each, regardless of size.

15 December 2014

Angels Walk For Autism 2015: Aim High! Fly High!

The Angels Walk for Autism 2015 in on! 

Join an estimated 12,000 participants amplify the message of autism awareness and inclusion. ASP chapters, families, friends and advocates are invited to pre-register for the event to facilitate the release of tickets. Those who register early will be entitled to special perks.

Our community is also to attempt to set a Guinness Book of World Record on the largest crowd wearing wings. Register your group for the competition for a chance to win P25,000!

“Autism Inclusive Philippines: Aim High! Fly High!” is the theme of the 2015 Philippine National Autism Consciousness Week. The Autism Society Philippines continues to inspire awareness, acceptance and inclusion of persons with autism (PWAs) in society and to promote action by the public and private sectors towards enabling PWAs to live with dignity, enjoy equal rights and access, function independently and contribute productively.

For details and latest updates on the Philippine National Autism Consciousness Week 2015 will be posted on

07 December 2014

ASP hosts “Understanding Persons with Disabilities: Journey with Autism

The Autism Society Philippines, in partnership with St. Jude College, hosted a seminar on Understanding Persons with Disabilities: Journey with Autism last 06 December 2014.

The seminar was participated by students and professors of St. Jude College and ASP members from different chapters. It was an informative day for everyone. The seminar started by an inspirational Opening Remarks and a 1Pangako pledge with students, teachers and ASP members led by Ms. Mona Magno-Veluz, ASP National President. Ms. Dang Koe started the seminar by sharing their own family journey with their son Gio. She shared their own strugles and how they handle all the problem that came into their life when they discover about Gio. Ms. Dang shows some photos of the different aspect of a CWA. She mentioned that parents like them and especially CWA they all need acceptance and understanding from each and everyone. After the talk of Ms. Dang, Robert Meigh “Buboy” Dolor, a CWA from Hopewell Integrated School, share his talent by giving everyone a wonderful song. Participants are happy and enjoyed every moment of Buboy.

The second part of the seminar was facilitated by Mr. Evert Malapad who is also a proud father of a CWA and a former ASP Board of Trustees. He talked about care and intervention for ASD. Sir Evert shares that every common issues of a person’s with autism should be focus on in order to guide them properly. It should be start from early childhood up to their adulthood stage. He also mentioned the important roles of the professionals in every stages of life of a PWA. They are the one that will teach the pwa to become more independent especially before they reach their adolescent stage where in they need to learn to live independently or even working on their own. Sir Evert also shares that parents and even professionals should know the skills of a persons with autism where they can focus on it and trained them base on their skills. Because thru this skils it can help PWA’s find a suitable job for him in the future.

The afternoon was ended with a talk from Mr. Rizalio Sanchez, Head of the Information, Education and Communication Division of the National Council on Disability Affairs on the rights of students with disabilities to tertiary education.

About the contributor. Ida Blasco graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Our Lady of Fatima University. After years abroad, Ida has come home to serve the autism community as the ASP's Admin Manager.

04 December 2014

Seminar on Disaster Awareness and Preparedness

ASP Laguna Chapter conducted a free echo seminar entitled “Preparing Families of Children with Disabilities for Disasters” atthe Los Baños Community Center last 3 December 2014, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. It was attended by 31 participants, composed of parents, grandparents, and teachers from Calamba, Liliw, Paete and the different barangays of Los Baños.

The first part emphasized on the slogan “Ligtas ang May Alam” presented by Ms. Veronica
Chavez, ASP Laguna Treasurer and a certificate holder of the DZMM’s “Red Alert”, a
radio program that deals with disaster preparedness. It aims to inform the participants on
Disaster Risk Reduction Management, the rainfall codes, storm signals, the early warning
systems in their barangays, the involvement of the person/s concerned and the facilities that
local government units utilize during disasters. Ms Chavez was joined by another speaker,
Amorlina Cotoner, an officer of the Los Baños Association of Parents of Children with
Disabilities, Inc. (LBAPCDI).

The second part focused on the slogan “Ligtas ang Handa”, which was about teaching
the parents how to plan with the family and the community and preparing the emergency
survival kit.

The ASP Laguna is grateful as three representatives from the local government of Los
Baños came. They are: Ms. Cynthia N. Quintans, officer in-charge Municipal Disaster
Risk Reduction Management (MDRRM); Mr. Martin Q. Imatong, DRRM consultant and
Kjiel D. Hugo, “little” MDRRM volunteer. We acknowledge Ms. Cynthia for bringing the
large geo-hazard map, which was used by the first speaker during her presentation. Her
contribution help illustrate places and communities in Laguna that are likely to be affected
by disasters, particularly Los Baños. The flyer, brought by Ms. Quintans, was distributed
after the presentation. Likewise, with Mr. Imatong for the hard copy of the geo-hazard map
which is very essential for future use.

As the third speaker, Mr. Imatong shared with the participants the measures of local
government units concerning preparedness. He discussed the NDRRM framework and the
right agencies to contact (DOST for disaster prevention and mitigation, DILG for disaster
preparedness, Local Fire Bureau or Local Police Force or volunteers or DSWD for disaster
response, NEDA for disaster rehabilitation and recovery). He emphasized on disaster
readiness as compared to disaster preparedness.

About the Author. Ms. Catherine L. Lopez is a mother of a young adult with autism studying at UP Los Baňos. She is the Job Coach for the office and messenger services of Autism Resource Center. She also serves as the President of ASP Laguna Chapter.

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