The Autism Society Philippines (ASP) is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to the well-being of persons with autism spectrum disorder. The ASP has been in the forefront of providing services and training to families living with autism.

16 April 2014

"Great 8" Strategies for Language Deficits of PWAs

This moderated viewing of a 120-minute webcast will explore the topic area necessary for family members and speech-language pathologists to possess in order to provide effective and evidenced-based interventions for children with autism spectrum disorder.

This session will tackle the "great 8" strategies for addressing the core deficits of autism spectrum disorder:  assessment, reinforcement, visual supports, sensory, social skills, teamwork, and comprehensive planning.

Parents and speech-language pathologists must have knowledge and skills on core characteristics of autism, working with families, screening, diagnosis, and assessment, evidenced-based interventions, use of augmentative and alternative communication modalities, and collaboration (ASHA, 2006b). This presentation will address these specific areas by introducing audience participants to specific interventions and methodologies to increase their skills and knowledge in the area of ASD.

The following teaching methodologies will be:

1. Behavior-based intervention
2. Collaboration within a multi-disciplinary team
3. Use of visual supports
4. Incorporating sensory strategies

Ms. Lynn M. Dudek M.S., CCC-SLP/MBA is the Autism and Medical Rehabilitation Manager at Easter Seals Central and SE Ohio, Inc and the owner of ASDSLP, LLC. She is a speech-language pathologist who has specialized in the treatment of autism spectrum disorder for close to 20 years. Lynn has presented at the local, state, and national level on topics regarding autism, communication and assessment. Her passion for advocacy, education, and effective treatment directs her professional and personal activities.

Lynn recently completed coursework for completion of her BCBA. She currently serves on the Ohio Autism Coalition, the Autism Alliance and Advisory Board for, and the National Autism Spokesperson Network.

Ms. Michele LaMarche, BCBA is the co-founder of Special Learning, Inc. She is also the founder and Executive Director of Step By Step Academy (SBSA), a highly-regarded centre-based non-profit Autism treatment centre in Columbus, Ohio. Since its formation almost ten years ago, SBSA has touched the lives of over one thousand students through rigorous application of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) treatments, resulting in exceptional outcomes.

Michele, with over fifteen years of professional experience in the field of ABA, uses her knowledge of behavioral treatment to produce ground breaking, effective, empirically validated curricula, a critical factor in successfully mainstreaming hundreds of students with ASD. With her credentials and work through Special Learning and SBSA, she has changed the lives of countless individuals and families affected by ASD.

Seminar Details

26 April 2014, Saturday
9:00 am- 12:00 noon
Technical Enablement Center,
2nd Floor IBM Plaza, Eastwood,
Quezon City (Map)

Register online today!  Pre-registration fee is P500 (up to April 22). On-site registration fee is P600. ASP Members get a discount of P100.  Seminar Fee is inclusive of a certificate, handouts and snacks.

All participants will receive a signed hard-copy certificate of completion from ASP. Participants may also order from the training provider, as an OPTIONAL service, a certificate of completion issued by Special Learning Incorporated, signed by the trainer; but delivered in PDF form via email, for an ADDITIONAL cost of P400.

Pre-registered participants may pay to Autism Society Philippines, Metro Bank, Kamias Branch Account Number 047-3-04751874-2. Please fax the deposit slip with the name/s of participant/s to ASP office and bring it on the day of the seminar. On-site registrants will be accepted depending on the availability of slots. There will only be 70 slots available. No refund will be given to participants who did not show up on the date of the seminar. For more details, please call ASP at 02-926-6941 or 02-929-8447.

The ASP Education and Empowerment Program serves as a platform to educate Filipino parents and professionals on the various interventions, modalities and theories surrounding Autism Spectrum Disorder. Their application and implementation are left at your discretion. The views and personal experiences of the speakers are their own and may not necessarily reflect the views of the organization.

13 April 2014

ASP Pasay Lakbay-Aral to ASP Laguna

ASP Pasay Chapter celebrated World Autism Awareness Day by conducting a Lakbay-Aral at ASP Resource Center in Los BaƱos, Laguna last 01 April 2014.

There were 51 participants composed of parents, children with autism, siblings and caregivers who enjoyed the delicious lunch prepared in the diner with the help of the salaried PWAs in the center. The visitors were treated to a guided tour where the ASP Laguna Chapter President Ms. Catherine L. Lopez explained the different sections in the center, like the art shop where students make and sell crafts.

Their Autism Resource Center is also an ideal place to hone the skills of PWAs at the same give them job opportunities to make them respectable and worthy members of the community.

12 April 2014

ASP Catanduanes - GOTIS partner for an assessment mission

(This article is a contribution of Pattie Kozma, ASP Catanduanes Chapter Vice President)

Representatives of Group of Therapist in the South or GOTIS arrived in the island of Catanduanes on 21 March 2013 for a much-awaited assessment and evaluation mission, jointly organized with ASP Catanduanes Chapter. Mr. Erwin P. Bote, Mr Mike Kelvin T. Esguerra and Ms Hardecyl C. Quiron headed to the Juan Alberto Memorial Elementary School.

Ms. Jeniffer Torres assisted the participants from various barangays -- MSWO officers, SPED teachers, volunteers, physicians, parents -- for the seminar; while Ms. Liza Molod and Ms. Irene Borja prepared the GOTIS to meet with the 55 patients, whose cases varied from autism to cerebral palsy, from intellectual disabilities to other conditions. Screening of each patient, did not fall short of their commitment, as they carefully showed the parents/guardians exercises and follow through methods.

Much to our surprise, the National President of ASP, Ms Janet Pena paid our mission a visit. Apparently she had it planned to bring her kids on a short trip and part of that trip involved visiting the Island -- a very heartwarming and humbling gesture.

Our three-day assessment and evaluation mission came to an end, just as the dark clouds brought rain to the island. But as we move on to progressing on the work that has begun, the angels who made this mission a reality deserve our community’s gratitude.

  • Mr. Erwin P. Bote, Mr. Mike Kelvin T. Esguerra and Ms. Hardecyl C. Quiron of GOTIS
  • Ms. Cynthia Soneja, Ms. Liza Molod & Ms. Irene Borja of JMAMES
  • Mr. Mariano Deguzman, Deped OIC-ASDS
  • Governor Araceli Wong, Vice Governor Bong Teves & SP Councilors Ms. Shirley Abundo, Dr. Alvin Ravallo, Ms. Gina Pantino, Ms. Kristine Gamil, Mr. Victor Laynes, Mr. John Laynes and Mr. Alex Santos for sponsoring the indigent children
  • Mr. Victor Bernal and Ms. Evelyn Teves of ARDCI INN
  • Ms. Jeniffer Torres for assisting in preparation of the mission and itinerary
  • Dra. Abella, Dra. Arcilla and Ms. Gie Laynes of Sea Breeze Resto for the lunch and dinner
  • Mr. & Mrs. Donato for the tour to Bato and Puraran
  • Ms. Kristine Arcilla Gamil for the tour at Mamangal Beach

11 April 2014

Disability Perspective & Autism Orientation Seminar

The ASP City of San Fernando Pampanga conducted an autism orientations in commemoration of World Autism Awareness Day. The event was the 7th in the series that Teacher Joy Ofrecia, ASP CSFP Chapter President, has been conducting since January 2014.

As Teacher Joy arrives in her seminar venues, she observes people makingjokes and using the term "autistic" to describe some of their workmates with different or displeasing attitude. But as the seminar concludes, she would get comments like "kaya pala ganon sila", "di pala sila dapat tinatawag ng ganun", "pwede pala silang matuto" and so forth. These reveal that there is still much work to do to make the community aware of what autism.

The Disability Perspective & Autism Orientation Seminar was conducted at the DENR R3 Conference Hall, Diosdado Macapagal Government Center, Maimpis, City of San Fernando Pampanga. Mrs Vilma V. Garcia Region III Planning Management Division Chief & Vice-Chair R3 GAD Focal Point System, a grandmother to a person with autism, spearheaded the seminar which was attended by DENR R3 Regional Director Francisco Milla, Jr. and 35 GAD focal persons from the different DENR Provincial Field offices. The said orientation served as part of the knowledge accumulation of the focal persons of the Gender and Development Focal Point System of DENR Region III. Learnings from this are expected to contribute in the implementation of GAD related programs.

During the presentation on disability perspective, provision of a non-handicapping environment and the mandated 1% of employees in government offices should be PWDs were discussed. ASP's 1Pangako campaign video was shown and participants made their promise, lead by Juris Patrick N. Ofrecia.

As the 14 behavioral manifestations of autism were being discussed, one mom in the audience began assessing the behavior checklist. She later shared during the open forum said that her son displayed seven of the fourteen and concluded that he might be on the spectrum. Interestingly, more participants came out to share that they too have a member in the family affected by autism.

More agencies, companies and groups, public and private, to visit in the coming days. ASP CSFP Chapter is taking the road to reaching more people to make them understand and care for individuals with autism.

10 April 2014

ASP Sta Rosa Opens “A Special Exhibit”

ASP Sta. Rosa Chapter celebrated World Autism Awareness Day on 02 April 2014 with a Special Art Exhibit by Persons with Autism at SM Sta Rosa City, Laguna. The exhibit aimed to show that persons with autism can contribute positively to the society given the proper intervention, guidance, love and acceptance.

The exhibitors are children of Autism Society Philippines officers and members, namely: Juan Gabriel Allegre, Noelle Cruz, Lorenzo Miguel Medina, Lauriel Lambon, Caryl Alvarez, Ethan Zamora, Nathan Sta Ana, Sean Tiu, Franco Santos, Justin Erolin, Christopher John Flores, Ella Ramos, Jan Carlos Alo, Yshi Garcia, Simon Perez, Miggy Memita and Justin Napoles.

Dr. Olive Medina, President of ASP Sta. Rosa Chapter, gave the welcome remarks in behalf of the society; while Mr. Doni Orolfo from SM Operations Department gave the welcome remarks in behalf of SM Sta. Rosa.

The inspirational talk was given by one of the PWA exhibitors, Juan Gabriel Allegre. He shared:

I am Jorel Allegre. I am 13 and I have autism. Today is the 7th year since the United Nations designated every April 2 as World Autism Awareness Day. This celebration aims to increase awareness of people about individuals especially children with Autism. As most of you may have observed, there are no two persons with Autism who are alike. Each PWA is entirely unique since Autism is a spectrum. Each child has a different degree of social, communication and behavioral difficulties. Some of us may not speak. Some of us like me have the words but cannot express and label our feelings. It is thru the arts that we have learned to express ourselves. To paraphrase a quote of the painter Georgia O’Keefe – “We found through painting that we could say things with colors and shapes that we can’t say any other way – Things we have no words for.” We want people to know that though we maybe different from other children, we are not less. We do have a God given talents and gifts that we can share to give joy and hope to others. My parents would like to tell other parents especially those whose child had just been diagnosed and are struggling with acceptance that there is always hope and you can still dream and work for a better life and future for your children with Autism. Also although your child needs unconditional love, they also need tough love too. That’s it. We hope you will enjoy our art works. Thank you!

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