The Autism Society Philippines (ASP) is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to the well-being of persons on the autism spectrum disorder. We envision a society where Filipinos on the spectrum become the best of their potentials -- self-reliant, independent, productive, socially-accepted citizens of an Autism-OK Philippines.

21 January 2020

Message to the ASP from President Duterte

My warmest greetings to the Autism Society Philippines (ASP) as it celebrates the Philippine National Autism Consciousness Week.

Coping with autism remains to be a challenging task not just for the people who have this condition; but for their families as well. It is imperative that we take concrete action in spreading autism awareness through information campaigns and other activities.

I commend the ASP and other government and private agencies for spearheading this meaningful occasion. I hope that this year's events will serve as a huge step towards ensuring that persons living with autism will have meaningful, productive and dignified lives.

Together, let us continue to be partners in fostering a society that is more inclusive, accommodating and accepting of every person, regardless of their circumstances and developmental needs.

I wish you a happy and successful event.

January 2020

20 January 2020

Kakaiba: A Call for Kindness

Individuals on the autism spectrum are different, not less. This is the overarching theme of the Autism Society Philippines' campaign, released in time for the National Autism Consciousness Week 2020.

Autism is a spectrum condition that may affect an individual's ability to communicate and to socialize. It is difficult for many to understand because autism does not carry physical manifestations. The public, especially those without a personal connection to this developmental condition, sometime subscribe to unflattering and often harmful stereotypes. Many families have experienced lack of awareness and  discrimination, which are the root of bullying that many on the spectrum live with every day. Being different can weigh on an autistic person, making them feel isolated and unheard.

The video draws the viewer to see the humanity in individuals on the autism spectrum. It introduces a group of young men who have unique gifts and challenges, associated with being on the spectrum -- visual artist Kenrick Cheng, fashion enthusiast Gio Koe, entrepreneur Carl Veluz, bike enthusiast Conan Dizon, chocolate maker John Silva and performer Jolo Sta. Cruz. Viewers are enjoined to abandon stereotypes and to get to know their stories -- what they are good at, what makes them happy, and how bullying makes them feel.

Think twice before you mimic individuals on the autism spectrum for social media popularity. Very often, these are neither accurate not kind.

ASP's Goodwill Ambassador and Miss World Philippines 2019 Michelle Marquez Dee lends her voice to our call to action to celebrate differences and to build a kinder, more inclusive world.

#CelebrateDifferences #AutismOKPH #AutismOKWorld

03 January 2020

Tala: Dance for Autism

The song "Tala" was popularized by Sarah Geronimo, who played a woman on the spectrum in the 2019 film "Unforgettable". The song is associated with iconic dance moves that have again been pushed into the spotlight. We invite all to prepare for the Angels Walk for Autism 2020 by learning the viral “Tala” dance steps!

  • The viral steps will be our warm up before the walk.
  • Participants get to be in the BIGGEST #taladancecraze yet!
  • Assemble a group of five (5) or more dancers, dancing in the same place. Autism is NOT a requirement. The more, the merrier!
  • Wear the NEW and official (not copies/fakes) ASP Angels Walk for Autism icon shirts. Get yours here:
  • Film your dance, which must last at least one (1) minute. Dance only, no skits and no spoken explanations. Check the sample below.
  • Upload as a PUBLIC video on Facebook with the following description: “Angels, let’s walk AND DANCE for Autism on January 26, Sunday at the MOA Arena! #angelswalk2020 #taladancecraze #AutismOKPH”.
  • In the comment section, share the group’s backstory.
  • Send the link to your entry to ASP via FB Messenger.
  • Posting deadline: January 20, Monday, noon.
  • Judges will select one (1) winner based on overall creative impact of video.
  • The winning group will get ten (10) Patron tickets to Angels Walk and ten thousand pesos (P10,000).

31 December 2019

ASP PueDay for the months of January and February

Everyone has a mountain to climb and autism has not been my mountain, it has been my opportunity for victory. --- Rachel Barcellona

The Autism Society Philippines Wednesday "PueDay" aims to provide enrichment for teens and adults on the autism spectrum who are not currently enrolled in schools. ASP PueDays will offer opportunities to learn new skills, to socialize with non-family members and to have fun. This will be every Wednesday, from 2pm to 4pm at ASP Headquarters. This is open to all Persons on the autism spectrum members, 16 years old and above.

On January 8 and 15 - we will make a Flaglets that we will use in our Angels Walk for Autism 2020 in Mall of Asia Arena. This will help to develop fine motor skills and creativity. There will be a simple contest, more flaglets you make, more suprise prizes you get. Prepare a P50 donation when you get on-site.

"Persons on the autism spectrum who are no longer in school end up in the fringes of society." Mona Magno-Veluz, ASP National President shares, "ASP is deeply invested in building a society where a Persons on the autism spectrum be the best of their potentials -- self-reliant, independent, productive and socially-accepted members of the community -- no matter where they are on the spectrum. By keeping PWAs active and engaged outside the home, we are also training the society to be more aware of what autism is, to be more appreciative of their gifts and to be more accommodating of their deficits."

17 December 2019

ASP’S Homepowerment Program – Empowering Families thru Training and Therapy Services for CWAs

The Autism Society Philippines is pleased to open the applications for Batch 9 of ASP's HOMEpowerment, a program that offers initial therapy to children with autism 8 years and below from indigent ASP member families.

The program will be composed of occupational, speech and non-traditional therapy sessions. Parents will also receive training on how to continue their child's program at home, empowering them with the knowledge and skills to confidently care for their child with autism. This offering was made possible by the generous donation of Kiehl's Philippines, as part of a global effort to support autism causes.

Here's how you can apply to the ASP's HOMEpowerment program:

1) The applicant family must ...
1.1 live within Quezon City's District 1, District 3 and District 4;
1.2 have a Certificate of Indigency, issued by DSWD or the barangay;
1.3 commit to attending all therapy sessions, parent trainings and to implementing programs at home; and
1.4 allow home visits by a parent-mentor

2) The child with #autism must ...
2.1 have a formal autism assessment report from a developmental pediatrician or a
recommendation from a licensed occupational or speech therapist;
2.2 be born no earlier than 1 September 2011 (approximately 8 years old and below);

3) The applicant family must fill out this form below. ASP will schedule interviews with the applicant families. THERE IS NO NEED TO FOLLOW UP. WE WILL REACH OUT TO ALL APPLICANTS FOR INTERVIEW SCHEDULES. PLEASE BE PATIENT.

4) ASP will select a limited number of children with autism to benefit from the program.

Occupational Therapy shall be conducted at the Quality Life Discoveries, at No. 70 20th Avenue Barangay San Roque, Quezon City, while Speech Therapy is offered at Center for Exploration and Experiential Development at Room 414 Jocfer Bldg., Commonwealth Ave. Quezon City.

The Autism Society Philippines aspires to extend this program to more families and to bring it to the provinces. Our experience from the pilot batch has helped us develop the program to better answer the needs of a growing autism community.

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