The Autism Society Philippines (ASP) is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to the well-being of persons on the autism spectrum disorder. We envision a society where Filipinos on the spectrum become the best of their potentials -- self-reliant, independent, productive, socially-accepted citizens of an Autism-OK Philippines.

24 June 2022

"Lightyear" brings back autism sensory-friendly movies

SM Cares brings back their "Lights Up, Sounds Down" treat for the ASP community with the movie "Lightyear" on 30 June 2022, Thursday, 9AM at the SM City North EDSA, The Block, Cinema 1.

SfM Poster

The Lights Up, Sounds Down project of SM Cares offers sensory-friendly movie experiences that include individuals on the autism spectrum in the cinema setting. To avoid adverse sensory sensations - lights are turned up and sounds are turned down during said movie showing. SM Cinemas will do away with advertisements and trailers to cut on waiting time; and allow families with children on the spectrum to bring their own snacks. Standing up, dancing, walking, cheering, and singing will also be understood by the cinema management.

This movie treat is for children on the spectrum of active ASP family members, including the self-advocates. Each moviegoer on the spectrum will be accommodated with maximum of 2 companions, or a total of 3 free tickets.

Please register below until June 29 12noon. Seats are limited - first come, first served.

23 June 2022

ASP Lakbay Aral to the Mabini Shrine

The Autism Society Philippines will hold a Lakbay-Aral and museum tour to the Apolinario Mabini Shrine in Tanauan, Batangas on Saturday, 23 July 2022, at 1:30pm. ASP welcomes active ASP members to participate in this event.

The Lakbay Aral Poster

Families and chapters must arrange for their own transportation to the site and bring their own food if they want to have a picnic after the tour. Interested participants may register below until 15 July 2022.

The Apolinario Mabini Shrine is situated in Barangay Talaga, Tanauan, Batangas, and is the site of Gat Apo’s birth. In the heart of a residential area along the Tanauan-Talisay highway, it has a library, a museum, and his tomb. Map

This community event is to commemorate the 44th National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week, from 17 to 23 July 2022 as per Proclamation No. 1870 (1970), as amended by Proclamation No. 361 (2000) and Administrative Order No. 35 (2002). This year’s theme is "Working with Government in achieving equal access to Education, Employment and Livelihood towards Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities". The primary aim of this week-long commemoration is to raise public awareness of disability and to inspire all citizens to actively contribute to improve the economic and social conditions of people with disabilities.

14 June 2022

ASP Family Support Group for June 2022

Date: 18 June 2022, Saturday
Time: 10:00am - 12:00nn
Register below to get the zoom link
Deadline of registration is 17 June 2022, Friday at 12nn

June FSG Poster

ASPs monthly family support group sessions bring together parents, siblings and other family members to talk about their journey in living with autism. Participants share their experiences and draw enlightenment and strength from others going through the same challenges.

The Autism Society Philippines -- together with this month's host, ASP Paranaque -- welcome members and non-members, bound by a common experience that is autism. We aspire to educate, empower and inspire to help build an Autism-OK Philippines.

IMPORTANT: Send us an email via if you have not received your Zoom credentials by Friday, 17 June at 1pm. Please do not share your link — only one device per name shall be accepted.

Our Moderators:

Lorenzo “LJay” Sumulong III is the past president of ASP Antipolo and currently one of the Trustee of ASP National. LJay built the autism advocacy in his community in Antipolo, Rizal, through the establishment of a strong connection with the local government and the implementation of creative, relevant events and projects for the benefit of children and youth on the autism spectrum and their families.

Diana de Ocampo, is a single mother of 2 and has a younger brother in the autism spectrum. She graduated from De La Salle University with a degree in Computer Studies and is currently working as a Program Manager at DXC. She is an active member of ASP since 2017 and is the current president of ASP Paranaque chapter.

26 May 2022

Speak From a Skillful Heart : Reflections from ASP’s Speakers Training

When I learned that the Autism Society Philippines (ASP) would be holding a public speaker’s training, I instinctively knew that this would be different from other speakers' training that I have been to. After all, ASP is composed of passionate parents and advocates who have propelled the organization to become what it is now – vibrant and strong.

My instinct was right. From the organization, preparation, and actual conduct of the program, the trustees made sure that we maximized our time and learning. Materials were sent weeks in advance, so we can learn based on past speaking engagements of the trustees. During our first meetings, questions were answered clearly, and assignments were given ahead of time, so we were prepared for the succeeding session. In between, there were small meetings for those who needed clarification or had questions. We were set up for success.

Participants were asked to prepare their presentation and submit it via a platform where groupmates could have easy access to watch and give comments on it. I found the assignment to be challenging considering the technical arrangement involved. In many ways, this training also made me more familiar with the online platform. I liked that I had the time to watch the presentations of my groupmates to learn from them and identify areas for improvement.

During the second session, participants were able to share their comments on the presentation of the group as well as listen to the comments on their own presentation. I thought that this was a creative and fun way of learning. I felt I was in a safe space as I shared and listened to others.

ASP Leaders who join our Speaker's Training

Over-all, I am glad and grateful to have attended this training. I learned that while many ASP members can truly speak from the heart, it pays well to be skillful in doing it so that our message and advocacy towards autism awareness, appreciation, and accommodation can reach far and wide.

About the Contributor: Olive Medina is mom to a young adult on the spectrum, Lorenzo, and his sister Lizzie. Aside from fulfilling her duties as a wife and mother, she is also the co-founder of Lorenzo's Sanctuary. Mommy Olive is the past president of ASP Sta. Rosa.

24 May 2022

ASP self-advocates flexed their right to vote in #Halalan2022

The 2022 Philippine National Elections were preceded by a flurry of activities to help prepare adults on the autism spectrum to exercise their right to vote. The Autism Society Philippines started in 2021 with a Voter Education Webinar for Neurodiverse Filipinos, conducted together with the COMELEC Vulnerable Sectors Office and the Commission of Human Rights. The ASP also participated in various focused group discussions on how the voting experience could be improved for people on the autism spectrum. Atty. Jovencio Balanquit and Dr. Maureen Mata of the COMELEC VSO were instrumental in improving the voting experience for PWDs.

The ASP followed up with the release of infographics with reminders and instructions for election day and with the dissemination of tools to help with a trouble-free voting experience. Mona Magno-Veluz, ASP National President shared, "The Autism Society Philippines cascaded our announcements and materials through our nationwide network of self-advocates and parents, via our clusters and chapters. We celebrate how the updated processes implemented by COMELEC have improved our experience. No ASP families have escalated any untoward incident related to the elections."

Here are some ASP SACi members flexing their inked fingers.
(Collage by Pia CabaƱero)

According to Pia Cabanero, ASP Self Advocate Circle VP for Communications, "For marginalized communities such as the people with disabilities sector (to which people on the autism spectrum or PWA belong), their votes matter in finding reliable public servants that aim to push for initiatives that will empower them in the coming years. A lot of us in ASP SACi gave our votes to people who have our best interests at heart. No matter the outcome, our decisions in the voting polls reflect the kind of leadership we aspire to have, for our betterment."

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