The Autism Society Philippines (ASP) is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to the well-being of persons on the autism spectrum disorder. We envision a society where Filipinos on the spectrum become the best of their potentials -- self-reliant, independent, productive, socially-accepted citizens of an Autism-OK Philippines.

12 April 2021

ASP Family Support Group for April 2021

Date: 17 April 2021, Saturday
Time: 10:00AM - 12:00NN

ASPs monthly family support group sessions bring together parents, siblings and other family members to talk about their journey in living with autism. Participants share their experiences and draw enlightenment and strength from others going through the same challenges.

The Autism Society Philippines -- together with this month's host, ASP Davao -- welcome members and non-members, bound by a common experience that is autism. We aspire to educate, empower and inspire to help build an Autism-OK Philippines.

Our Moderators:

MS. MA. VICTORIA "MARIVIC" RAMOS, is the current Vice-President of ASP Laguna Chapter and a Community Development Professional. Marivic empowers families in the care and instruction of children and youth on the autism spectrum, as a valuable resource to Autism Resource Center in Los Banos, Laguna. She organizes and mentors budding  ASP chapters towards good governance and sustainability as the past ASP VisMin Cluster Head. She is a single mother to Mico, a young adult on the spectrum.

MR. USWALDO PARRENAS. Sir Uswaldo, or fondly called Liplip, is the current Chapter President of ASP Davao. Inspired by his daughter on the spectrum, Sir Liplip advocate to create an environment that is accepting, accommodating and appreciative of the condition not only of his child but also other people on the autism spectrum.

04 April 2021

Celebrating ASP Servant Leaders

The social media broadcast of Angels Walk for Autism 2021 ushered a new standard for our evolving advocacy.  Serendipitously held on Easter Sunday, the event is a milestone for our advocacy -- which needs to adapt and must be reborn into "Generation-C". 

With many events happening on-line instead of face-to-face, we are aware of what we have lost; but are still thankful for what we have gained. For the first time, the newly-elected trustees of the Autism Society Philippines cannot all immediately travel to Metro Manila -- as there is no need to!  They will be driving the ASP leadership from various provinces in and outside Metro Manila -- Rizal, Cavite, Isabela and Davao.

Immediately after the induction, the trustees formalized the transition in a bienvenida + despedida, with the outgoing trustees welcoming the new batch.  The outgoing ASP Trustees (2019-2020) are Grace Adviento, Carmel Almendrala, Imee Alviso, Helen Cheng, Evelyn Go, Donna Lim, Mona Magno-Veluz, Joy Ofrecia, Marivic Ramos, Cecilia Sicam, and Perlita So.  Carmel Almendrala was honored as the longest-serving ASP board trustee. Tita Carmel served as a trustee from 1996 to 2020 -- 24 years!

Elections for Executive Committee were also held. Ms. Mona Magno-Veluz was re-elected as the ASP National President for the fourth term -- the most number anyone has held that position in ASP history. The incoming ASP Trustees (2021-2022) and their designations are:

President: Mona Magno-Veluz (ASP National)
Vice President: Perlita So (ASP National)
Secretary: Cecile Sicam (ASP National) 
Treasurer: Evelyn Go (ASP National)
Auditor: Helen Cheng (ASP National) 
Trustees: Joy Ofrecia (ASP CSFP), Lorenzo Sumulong III (ASP Antipolo), Donna Lim (ASP National), Grace Adviento (ASP National), Julia Moll (ASP Santiago), Ritchell Joy Donaire (ASP Davao) 
Chair Emerita: Dang Koe  (ASP National) - honorary

Induction of ASP Trustees 2021-2022

29 March 2021

Meet the New ASP Trustees for 2021 - 2022

ASP autism advocates from all over the country -- ASP National, ASP Davao, ASP Santiago, ASP Cebu, ASP Lipa, ASP Antipolo, ASP CSFP, ASP Baguio, ASP Angeles, ASP Iba, ASP Iloilo, ASP Manila, ASP Marikina, ASP Pasay, ASP Lagro, ASP Laguna, ASP Sta Rosa, ASP Hagonoy, ASP Bacolod, ASP Bacoor, ASP Tacloban, ASP Imus, ASP Paranaque, ASP SFLU, ASP Taytay, and ASP Zamboanga. A total of 27 chapters exercised their right to select the leaders who will drive our advocacy to new heights.

The new ASP Trustees, ranked according to percent of votes received, are:
#1 Magno-Veluz, Mona (ASP National) - 64.49%
#2 Sicam, Cecile (ASP National) - 44.20%
#3 Ofrecia, Maria Joyla (ASP CSFP) - 42.75%
#4 Cheng, Helen Q. (ASP National) - 41.30%
#5 Sumulong, Lorenzo III (ASP Antipolo) - 39.86%
#6 Lim, Donna (ASP National) - 39.13%
#7 Adviento, Mary Grace (ASP National) - 39.13%
#8 Go, Evelyn O. (ASP National) - 37.68%
#9 So, Perlita W. (ASP National) - 36.23%
#10 Moll, Julia (ASP Santiago) - 32.61%
#11 Donaire, Ritchell Joy (ASP Davao) - 31.88%

The runners up, all of whom are also valuable contributors to the success of ASP programs, will play important roles, in case any of the existing officers resign or be unable to fulfill their responsibilities as a national trustee.
#10 Ramos, Victoria (ASP Laguna) - 31.16%
#13 Tabares, Bernadette (ASP Antipolo) - 23.91%
#14 Ciriaco, Jhoi (ASP Manila) - 19.57%

With such passionate leadership driving the advocacy, we are looking forward to relevant and responsive programs and projects.

The induction of the new ASP Trustees will be on 04 April 2021, during the ASP Angels Walk Culmination Event.

25 March 2021

Be an ASP AutisMALL Distributor

The Autism Society Philippines welcomes chapters who want to be distributors of the ASP AutisMALL products, currently available via Shopee.  Here’s how:
  • Any ASP Chapter must have a valid ASP accreditation certificate can apply for distributorship. 
  • Orders can be emailed by the chapter president to (NOT via Shopee)
  • Distributor can avail of a 20% discount off on any ASP AutisMALL products available on the Shopee store.  Minimum P3,000 cash purchase. 
  • Items must be picked up at the ASP National Headquarters. The distributor shall shoulder cost of courier service, if delivery is required. 
  • If needed, ASP National Headquarters shall announce any changes to the mechanics before they are implemented.

17 March 2021

Autism Family Book Bundles

The Autism Society Philippines is celebrating World Book Day on 23 April 2021, with the collections each family member can enjoy. The following bundles are available on the ASP AutisMALL on Shopee:, with proceeds from sales going to the support of ASP programs for persons on the autism spectrum and the families who are from them.

Collection #1 : A + B + E. Price: P600-
Collection #2 : A + C + E. Price: P600- 
Collection #3 : A + D + E. Price.  P600-

Details on the bundled books follow:

(A)  Books: "Gail and Pablo" by Robyn Rodriguez.  The set comes with "When My Friend Wins", When My Friend Cries" and "When My Friend Smiles". The books usher opportunities for parents to sit with their children of all abilities to build character, develop empathy, and value kindness for others who may be different.  The author is a speech-language pathologist from UP Manila, who is passionate about teaching children, discipleship, and advocating for intentional parent-child interaction.

(B) Book: "What Music Therapy Did to George" by Celeste S. Sanchez of Divine Mercy Mobile Center. This book is about the author's experiences with persons with disabilities and senior citizens who have found the healing and restorative powers of self-expression through music.

(C) Book: "Vincent" by Ms Sarah S. Cuento.  This self-published book centers on the author's family journey with her son on the autism spectrum Reyn Vincent. 

(D) Book: "Our Andrei: Living with Autism" by Ma. Therese Jalandoni-Macapagal, as told to Reynaldo G. Alejandro and Vicente Roman S. Santos. This book is a poignant story of one of the country's most prominent families -- the Macapagal's -- at a time when little was known about autism in the country. Andrei Macapagal is one of the earliest known cases of autism in the Philippines.

(E) Music: "Mga Awiting Alay sa Autismo” by Ms Gina Luna Bermudo. "This CD is just inspiration and the urge to share my experiences. Dedicated to special children whose challenges leave me in awe; also to parents, families, therapists, doctors and all members of the therapy team who serve as pillars of the entire program for our children with autism,” says Gina Bermudo, mom to Niko and Xandi, both with autism. 

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