The Autism Society Philippines (ASP) is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to the well-being of persons on the autism spectrum disorder. We envision a society where Filipinos on the spectrum become the best of their potentials -- self-reliant, independent, productive, socially-accepted citizens of an Autism-OK Philippines.

04 December 2009

ASP New Trustees elected

The 2010-2012 of ASP Board of Trustees elected incumbent Vice President Mary Grace Adviento as National President, and current Trustee Perlita “Peng” So as National Vice President during their November 28 Board of Trustees’ meeting.

As per ASP’s constitution and by-laws, the general assembly elects 11 Board of Trustees, and the elected Trustees elect officers among themselves.

Incumbent National President Erlinda “Dang” Koe reiterated that “a team of hardworking angels is behind the next ASP National President” as she respectfully declined the nomination for a fourth term as National President.

Citing her unprecedented three consecutive terms of trailblazing leadership, passionate commitment and unquestionable integrity as ASP National President, the new Board of Trustees immediately passed a resolution, never before undertaken, appointing her as Chair Emeritus of ASP.

Dang has committed to continue the myriad of tasks she has been performing while dispensing her “presidential duties”. She will continue being the official spokesperson of ASP and ensuring that our advocacy is “on line, on air, on paper… all year round.” She will also be spearheading a more aggressive capacity-building project for chapters’ development.

“I have big shoes to fill,” said incoming National President Grace, “but I am assured not only of a team, but also of a family– for that is what we are inside ASP Board. And I believe “Mama” Dang when she told me she will mentor me all the way.”

A Physical Therapy graduate, Grace runs her family’s business operations where her management skills were honed. Like other Board Trustees, Grace is used to “multi-tasking.” She is often seen overseeing the troops of volunteers during ASP’s major and minor events and the many varied needs of talents with autism. She is also the Head of the Education Committee and an active member of ASP’s pool of speakers for public orientation on autism.

Grace joined ASP in 2003 right after her son Adrian, now seven (7) years old, was diagnosed. She immediately volunteered her services and resources after attending her first Family Support Group meeting in ASP office. She served as a Trustee from 2005-2007, and elected as Board Secretary during that first term. She became Vice President during her second term, 2007-2009

Being a Physical Therapist by training, Grace now flexes her beautiful muscles as she prepares to become the youngest National President elected to date.

Incoming Vice President Peng So was “an accidental Trustee,” as both she and and co-incumbent trustee, Babsie Lu, were enticed by the raffle prizes during the 2005-2007 election. Both were nomicated and elected twice, serving until 2009.

Peng is a hands-on mother of two PWAs, 18-old Patrick and 11-year-old Angelo. Although she regards herself as “simply the mother of Patrick and Angelo.” Dang, and the rest of the ASP team, always push her “out of her self-proclaimed limits because inside Peng is a very intelligent woman who has the power to touch the lives of many other families.”

2008-2009 ASP Officers and Board of Trustees

Now, whether speaking to hundreds of mall employees, or facing the television cameras, or attending to the littlest details of ASP’s events, Peng exudes a “presidential stance”…. a woman transformed to serve others.

Tiffany Tan, the wind beneath the wings of ASaP and ASP’s social networking sites, continues to serve as Board Secretary. This low-profile hardworking woman would rather be read than heard.

Evelyn Go prefers to multiply ASP’s “cash in bank” a ten-fold than be nominated to a higher position. After her financial report during the last Board meeting, Dang kidded “I don’t understand Evelyn’s financial jargons, basta alam ko dumami pera ng ASP sa bangko (I just know that she made ASP’s money grew in the bank).

Balik-Board Trustee and perpetual President of ASP Metro South Chapter, Evert Malapad was elected as Board Auditor – a position he held during the 2007-2008 term.

The other “old” Trustees in our new Board are:Senior Mom Carmel Almendrala,Techie Mom Cristina Munnariz, and Teacher Mom Noemi Viado. Another Balik-Board Trustee is Fredeswina Javier . She was a trustee of ASP for two terms in (2001-2003).

The “new kids on the board” are not exactly kids: Mariter Macapagal, founder and executive directress of St. Joseph Cupertino School for Special Children; and Gina Bermudo – producer and composer of Philippines’ first and only CD album on “Awit ng Autismo.”

Outgoing Board Trustee Jan Pena declined to be nominated during the last general assembly elections. She wants to concentrate on chapter matters for the next two years. She vowed to add more chapters in Cavite and beyond!

Another outgoing Cavitena Board Trustee, ASP Molino Chapter President Jackie Garcia, will be concentrating on her doctorate studies but committed herself to be a member of the Education Committee and in campaigning for more chapters in her area.

Outgoing Board Trustee Barbara Lu also begged off from being nominated during the general assembly election. Her family’s new business opportunities may require more time from her. But like the rest, she will continue working during ASP’s special projects. In fact, she is now busy with Angels Walk merchandise, which she said should outdo ABB merch line up.

2010-2012 ASP Officers and Board of Trustees

Come to think of it, there are really no goodbyes from any outgoing Board Trustee. In fact, there are even more angels working now inside and outside ASP’s Board of Trustees!

Let us witness the induction of our new Board during Angels Walk on January 17, 2010 at the Mall of Asia!


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