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22 January 2010

Wings in the Fire

By: Cathy Genovia

A frightful thing happened on the night of January 19, 2010 at the third floor of #47 ML Building Kamias Road, Quezon City.

This is the ASP office

“Cath, yung office niyo nasunog kagabi!” (“Your office building was on fire last night!”) were as the first words I heard from my friend John early in the morning. He kept calling me last night, but unfortunately, I never heard my phone ringing. Maybe I was too tired.

After hearing him on the other line of my mobile phone, I felt so numb. John is a fireman and was personally there when the 3rd floor of our building was on fire.

On my way to the office, I still couldn’t believe what had happened. When Abby, my co-worker and I entered the building, it was so dark. The whole building’s electricity was turned off. We can still smell something burning. (The building was declared fire out the previous night.) We ran up the stairs to check on our office unit to find out if everything is still ok.

The ceiling of the other rooms after the fire

Sir Ranil Sorongon, our Executive Director, Ms. Lani, our accountant and volunteer, Kuya Jojie were already inside. They all looked okay, but in their eyes were so many questions of why this thing happened. No one uttered a single word. We just looked at each other to assure ourselves to feel alright.

the room full of wooden materials

I couldn’t contain myself, went out the room to check on the other tenants. I felt sorry about our neighbors. Their rooms were all drenched with water. Some rooms were blackened from the fire. But what made me cry was seeing the unit where the fire started. The family living there managed to escape. Their unit was totally burned.

When I got back to our office unit, I immediately shared to them what I saw. Kuya Jojie uttered: “may pakpak kasi rito sa ASP, kaya nasave"(There are wings here in ASP, that’s why we are saved.”

The power was restored later during the day. We all went back to work, thankful that our office unit was safe from the fire. Our files and things are safe. And most especially, everyone is safe.

"He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge.... and no disaster will come near your tent...." from Psalms 91

The Lord covered us with wings through His Angels, in the middle of the celebrations of the Autism Consciousness Week. Walk with Angels on January 24, 2010 at SM Mall of Asia. No other Walk comes close to an Angels’ heart. Click here to find out more.


Unknown said...

Yes, Someone Up
There has got His Eyes on His Angels here. God bless us all and to God be the glory!!! GPR

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