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18 February 2010

An Angel’s First Walk

By: Mary Mae Ignacio, ASP Member

I had a great time during the Angels Walk for Autism 2010. It was the first time for me and my family to join and I was beside myself with so much joy that did not end with the event. The lingering feeling is something I can't seem to describe. I kept telling my husband I was so happy that we decided to join the walk.

Because I was hyped up, my husband asked me if the event achieved its objectives: Did it make us — parents, relatives and friends of persons with autism (PWA) — come together? Did the walk make other people aware of the existence of PWAs? Did it make them understand PWAs more?

As a mother of a PWA, the event made an even greater impact on me. I was filled with so much gratitude, relief and a sense of purpose. I have so much gratitude for my family and friends who came to the event. Their presence not only showed their support for the cause, but more importantly, they affirmed their acceptance of and support for my son, Miggy.

Miggy during the Angels Walk for Autism

Miggy and his family during their first Angels Walk for Autism

In the beginning, it was not easy to hear from doctors that my son was not a typical boy. And I knew that it was going to be even more difficult to admit to people that he had autism. Yet, my great love for Miggy enabled me to accept his condition more easily. For my family, though, I know, it was not as easy. That was why it meant so much to me to see them and friends walking so proudly with Miggy.

I am truly grateful to the Philippine Association of Speech Pathologists for letting our flock join their group and for becoming advocates for PWAs. I am relieved to know that their efforts to promote awareness and understanding of PWAs would enable more people to be accepting of those with autism.

I feel a greater sense of purpose because there are more tasks to do. To promote awareness and understanding is not enough. I have already begun formulating ideas that have to do with ensuring that PWAs like Miggy have a rightful place in this world and also as participating citizens of society.

Angels have wings to fly and soar up in the sky. But angels can walk, too, and help flowers grow on the path they tread.


ASaP News Team would like to thank readers for sending their stories to us. Write us about your experience and comments during our walk at Until our next Walk angels..


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