The Autism Society Philippines (ASP) is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to the well-being of persons on the autism spectrum disorder. We envision a society where Filipinos on the spectrum become the best of their potentials -- self-reliant, independent, productive, socially-accepted citizens of an Autism-OK Philippines.

26 February 2010

Barangay Hopping in Makati

By Cathy Genovia

ASP went barangay hopping in Makati City for the most requested lecture series, the Early Detection and Early Intervention Program (EDEIP).

ASP Chair Emeritus Dang Koe

EDEIP Lecture Series aim to teach health workers, day care teachers and concerned parents at the barangay or grassroots level. Since they are usually the first ones who can address the initial needs of their constituents, ASP hopes to equip them in how to know or detect the early signs of autism.

EDEIP visited three barangays in Makati:

Barangay Bel-Air with the theme “Non-Handicapping Environment: A Key to PWDs inclusion”. Barangay Bel-Air was headed by Brgy Captain Victor Gomez Jr. who also welcomed the speakers and the participants. The closing remark was given by Kagawad Malyne Lorayes. The said seminar was hosted by Ms. Vivien Mangalindan.

From left: Barangay Captain Victor Gomez Jr., participants from Barangay Bel-Air and Kagawad Malyne Lorayes

Barangay Urdaneta with their seminar on “Understanding Autism, Accessibility and RA 9442” hyperlink The activity was organized by the PWD Federation officers headed by their president, Ms. Maureen Mata. It was hosted by Ms. Lalaine Guanzon.

From left: Ms. Gigi Ruiz, Ms. Lalaine Guanzon, Arch. Jaime Silva and the constituents of Barangay Urdaneta

Barangay DasmariƱas residents from different Makati Villagers joined the bgy. as part of their 39th Foundation Day, with the theme “Celebration of Hope through Productivity”. This was a joint project of Makati Villages thru Kagawad Nancy Uy who invited ASP.

During the Barangay hopping, ASP Chair Emeritus, Ms Dang Koe was joined by Arch. Jaime Silva of United Architects of the Philippines; Mr. Mateo Lee Jr. alternately with Ms. Gigi Ruiz of National Council on Disability Affairs.

Act Early

ASP National President, Ms Grace Adviento said in one of her interviews, “The earlier the parents know that their child has this condition, the earlier they will be given proper education/intervention. Denying it will not do their children any good, and overlooking this will just delay the development of their child.”

ASP continues to work hard to inform others about autism, and help empower families on how to help their children. To request for an Early Detection and Early Intervention of Autism Seminar in your area, please write us at or call us at 7-903-5496.


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