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23 February 2010

My name is Khan and I am not a Terrorist

By: Tiffany Tan ASP Board Secretary

Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan stars as Rizwan Khan, a person with Aspergers Syndrome. The movie is a love story between Khan, who is a Muslim and his wife, who is Hindu. After the event in 911, he packs his bags to visit the president of the United States to tell him that he is not "a terrorist". A message of tolerance is preached.

The film is breaking box office records in India, UK and the US during the opening on Valentine’s Weekend. Click here to watch the Official Trailer or click here to watch trailer with subtitles

My name in Khan poster

Khan uses the mannerisms associated with Asperger's -- averted eyes, springy steps, stuttered repetitions of memorized texts -- yet captures the personality beneath the condition in a standout performance sure to receive the Autism Society's gold seal of approval. (Source: Variety)

In an interview in London, director and Karan Johar speaks of the character Khan: “His love goes beyond the boundaries of logic. And it is the kind of love that we heard of in another generation. Love is cynical. Love is too planned out. The pre-nuptial agreements-it is far too practical.”

“It is (the movie) is about a man who is not of our world. He had to do something illogical, completely beyond the boundaries of what you and I consider “accepted”, because he just takes what is said to him very seriously and nobody else would. Everybody else would bring logic into that. Khan just sees life in black and white, because that’s the way he is.” (Source: Desibox Media)

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