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03 March 2010

Autistic Singer Wants to be Heard

By: Tiffany Tan, ASP Board Secretary

“Music is my life. Autism is part of it,” Twitted Kyle Cousins, singer-songwriter with autism. Now 19, Kyle was diagnosed with autism in his toddler years. During his school age years, he encountered painful memories of rejection and ridicule as evidenced in his song “Moons Lamp Post.”

“It’s like a subway going in and out of my mind. Something’s going in, but it’s hard to get out. I’m trapped in this world of confusion and darkness. Will anyone try to save me?....You’ll be lost in the maze trying to find the answer….” Click here to watch video (In the video you can see the camera panning back and forth from his childhood, to where he is now.)

Another song, “Loving Myself,” talks about his journey with autism. “Sometimes I feel like I’m battled and bruised…my journey feels so tainted…I’ve struggling for years…… Click here to watch clip.

At the end of the song he declares “….finally I made it…” ends with this hypothesis and declares, “I love who I am…”

Autism Speaks has adopted, "Everybody Wants to Be Heard," to be the theme song for their annual autism walk. The song is lifted from his first album, Spectrum. Click here to watch his live performance.

“My wish for 2010 is that people will understand that AUTISM is not a disease; people with AUTISM are not looking for a cure but for ACCEPTANCE.”– Kyle Cousins.

Autism. See the potential. Take giant leaps and go beyond borders. Send us your stories. Email us or call us at 7-903-5496. It’s your turn to inspire others.

(Sources: YouTube and MySpace)


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