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07 April 2010

See a Different World

By: Teacher Richard Sydeco, SPED student St. Joseph College

“Was I really ready to be a job coach?” “What will I do if I fail to manage the child?” “What if I do not meet the expectations?” “How am I going to get him to master different skills?”

These questions hovered over me. I was so nervous because it was my first time to be a job coach to a person with autism. Several things were running up my mind. I had to be careful in jotting down my observations on Albert. I worried about my reports. It was really a challenge for me.
PWA Albert (seated) with Teacher Richard

Adjusting my work with Albert was easy. It was also an advantage, for one, we studied in the same school. It is also fun to work with him, since Albert will finish tasks assigned to him. Ah, the innocents have the drive to perform according to what is mandated. Albert is not different after all, with innate talents, like you and I. Sad to say, this is not the reality of what society perceives of them.

All the while, I was concerned about myself, about being only part of the program. But I have realized it’s not about what college you attended or what degree you mastered. It is about working together as a team. It is about coordinating with parents. It is about brain-storming, about ironing confusion. It is about having a fruitful day in each coaching session. It is about putting a smile in the heart of these special individuals, making sure that what we impart to them will help them in their future challenges.

Thank you Albert for opening my eyes, you have taught me to see a different world, you have taught me to renew my passion to work with special children.

Albert works as a volunteer encoder for the ASP National Office since August 2009.


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