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24 May 2010

Niko’s Musical Journey, “No fear, Shakespeare!”

By: Gina Bermudo, ASP Trustee

Nicholas is the only special child among the thirty-three (33) talented young adults aged 14 to 17 in the summer acting workshop of Trumpets Playshop. In the beginning, I feared Niko might not be able to cope with the rigorous demands of a theater workshop.

Portraying emotions is not one of the strengths of children in the autism and acting would require a lot of energy and emotions to give justice to the character being portrayed. I had my doubts, but went ahead and enrolled Niko. I felt this will be a very important milestone in my eldest son’s journey towards mainstream Musical Theater.

Gina and Niko Trumpets

Culminating day came. Niko was in costume-a tie-dyed shirt with a black hooded vest, a 70’s bandana tied around his forehead, jeans and brightly colored sneakers. My chest pounded, while waiting for the show to start. My mind was filled with the worst scenario - Will Niko be distracted? Will Niko lose focus? I psyched myself up and prayed fervently.

Niko’s performance was beyond my expectations He navigated the stage with ease. He was confident and beamed with pride. He danced with gusto, feeling like a seasoned artist! When he bowed after the show, a very loud applause came from the audience. I could not control my emotions any longer and shed some tears of joy.

I felt so proud of Niko. He handled himself well during the entire acting workshop. He had his shortcomings, acting wise, but he transcended his limitations and performed to the best of his ability. And, he surely won the hearts of his classmates and his teachers. That day, he was not the main character in the show but he will forever be a superstar in my heart.

Niko is a perennial hyperactive young adult with autism, and has a lot of energy to spare. He joined other youths last May 20 “No fear Shakespeare!” (A Musical) at the Auditorium A, Greenhills Christian Fellowship Building, Ortigas Center.


ASP believes that children and young adults with autism will thrive, given the right environment and opportunities. Be an Angel for Autism. Buy your copy of “Mga Awiting Alay sa Autismo” by calling 7-903-5496. Part of the proceeds of the CD will help ASP programs and services. For more information email us at or visit our community website.


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