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20 August 2010

House Bill 2361 or Anti-Bullying Act of 2010 filed

By: Tiffany Tan, ASP Board Secretary

House Bill 2361 or the Anti-Bullying Act of 2010 was filed yesterday, August 19, 2010, by Ako Bicol party-list representatives. Click here to watch video courtesy of GMA 7 Kapuso Network. (Below is a rough transcript of the video in English.)

Parents, are your children victims of threats or intimidation? Or what they call bullying? Please do not ignore this matter. According to experts, bullying can lead to serious consequences.

Children are not spared from bullying in schools. Bullying in the act is defined to include intimidation, ridicule, theft, physical abuse, extortion and sexual demands.

Specified in the act is cyberbullying, such as use of electronic devices like cellphones or social networking.

Children below 18 who commit these acts can also be held liable. Parents of bullies are not spared from the proposed act. They maybe held liable for the acts committed by their bully child against the victim and will be subject to mandatory counseling.

Another similar bill was filed by Senator Trillanes in 2008, Senate Bill 2943 Click here to read more. Ironically, the senator is currently detained in PNP for charges on rebellion. Trillanes also filed Senate Bill 3037 or the Philippine Commission on Autism. Click here to read more. Is he also being bullied? That will be another article.

Children with disabilities, including those with autism, are not spared from school bullies. Click here to the article Tips Against Bullying in Schools for preventive tips.

ASP works hard for the welfare of people with autism and their families. Be an Angel for Autism. Help spread autism awareness. To request for an Autism Orientation in your schools, colleges or universities, write us at or call us at 7-903-5496


hellokitty_rn said...

I HOPE na maaprove ito kaagad, because maraming bully sa Pilipinas, lalo na sa mga ngayon!! sina sabi naten na natural sa mga Pilipino ang mangutiya pero hindi ito maganda, lalo na ang tsismis, maraming magulang na nag babantay sa mga bata sa mga paralan ay nag tsi-tsismisan lang, then children will hear some of their conversation, that will be the time na akala nila ok lang na pag-usapan ang ibang tao feeling nila superior sila.. these are small issues na akala naten natural but it will give a huge impact lalo na sa bata na na-bubully,, kids are kids, im a parent i dont tolerate my kid to be bully or to bully others.

Anonymous said...

agree ako kay hellokitty_rn, I am one of the victims of being bullied..I am 18 years old..Hindi lang poh ako ang nabibiktima ng bullying..MARAMI meron mga iba hindi na poh nakakayanan and started to think to DIE..Every word or action of bullying can have a GREAT effect to the development of a person not just emotionally but also mentally..SANA poh maaprove na poh iyan.Thank you poh

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