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20 September 2010

Commitment and Hope… Bubbling over!

By: Rudy Orong, ASP Iligan Chapter

Mr. Rudy Orong
An invitation to attend the 3rd Chapter Leaders Conference was for me a great privilege. At first there was hesitation to respond as I am not one among the incumbent officers of our chapter. As I wrote down some of my agenda, my intention to attend was purely personal - to learn and hope to meet somebody that can help me regarding my son.

To be honest, there was no even a single purpose related to leadership responsibility. And also some of my commitments were sacrificially obliterated: office works, church commitments, to mention a few, stood still and rescheduled.

But all of that changed.

On day one, I became teary-eyed after hearing the opening speech of Gigi Daza, who shared an experience of her son’s his first holy communion. Her experience was so different and yet worthy to be learned by an individual such as I. Striving to comprehend my thoughts on her in-depth sharing, processing a stimulus like this. For others who heard it should consider giving children with autism a common dispensation. This activity had somewhat fired-up my own commitment to my son.

As topics flowed the following days, one after the other, I began to forget my own personal agenda.

On day two, I was consumed with fiery hope when I saw and witnessed the performance of the ASP DREAM GIRLS. Click here to know more. I suddenly gobbled up the flashing of the cameras from the audience, while dancing to the beat of the songs.

The conference officially launched the team “DREAM BOYS” a composite of fathers, and therapists who are willing to lay down their commitments and devotion to the children with special needs. Click here to read Why the ASP Dream Boys danced at the CLC.

With our performance as “DREAM BOYS” it was easier for me to associate with new faces and people. It didn’t take long to shed my hesitance to reveal to my team mates my son’s computer work of art.

On day three, I was enriched and renew my commitment as a father. My son has a brighter tomorrow now, for I realized then that there are people around me who are willing to be Autism Angels of our special children.

I saw the spirit of voluntarism, as the day changed to a bigger perspective, to one that shouts the battle cry of the benefit of children with autism and entire syndrome-affected families.

I was touched by the commitments of the leaders from the national level down to the chapter leaders, as we went through with the days’ topics and discussions. There are people willing to be minds, hands, hearts and ears, willing to listen to cries.

As the third day ended with waving hands of farewell expressions, my mind is engulfed with a fired-up devotion to tell the world that my son has the right to be loved and be part of the society. After all, he and many other special children like him, are created fearfully and wonderfully by God - needed to be cherished and respected.

I call all the fathers reading this article to be advocates. For our children, let us be the MOUTHS, shout for their right to live and enjoy the land that God gave. Let us tell the world that they need to be loved and that they have abilities uniquely given by God. Let us be the FEET and walk for them. And lastly, let us be TRUE to ourselves, for we are also special, specially created by God for our “special children”.


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