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03 September 2010

Effective & Good Language Practice for CWAs Successful

By: Cristine Republica

Due to insistent public demand, ASP National held the seminar entitled Language Across the Spectrum, last August 28, 2010 at Raja Ballroom, The Legend Villas, Mandaluyong City.

ASP National Officers - Vice President Peng So, Treasurer Evelyn Go and Chair Emeritus Dang Koe welcomed early delegates of the Chapter Leaders Conference and other 27 participant parents and professionals (2 school representatives , 23 members and 2 non-members) to the half-day seminar.

The seminar discussed current and persistent issues in communication and language that are inherent in children with autism. The resource speaker Ms. Mae Sadicon is a BS Speech Pathology graduate of the UP Manila College of Allied Medical Professions and is a special lecturer there.

Teacher Mae emphasized the effective and good practices encompassing the management of autism spectrum from the minimally verbal population to the highly verbal ones. The said seminar was divided into four parts.

*** Part I: Breakdowns in receptive language, speech/communication problems, management and specific procedures, like recognition of objects.

Teacher Mae Sadicon (standing) during the demonstration.

*** Part II: Articulation problems – ranging from moderate to severe and increasing incidences of communication.

*** Part III: Importance of goal setting, skills development and management; such as having an educational assessment to address problems and setting of programs that will truly reflect the child’s potential.

*** Part IV: The child might speak in sentences, but drop function words or use words that are not in proper order. As a management, one on one session and presenting of social concepts or rules to the child is recommended.

Pragmatic skills like physical distance, eye contact, linking gestures with ideas and emotions, using facial expression effectively, voice modulation, attending to time and space, should also be taught.

Teacher Mae also presented two case studies:
*** The non-verbal child. The main goal for the meantime is to communicate with the child through whatever means. An important step is to explore Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC). AAC should go hand in hand with assigned speech tasks.

*** The child with limited expressive vocabulary. The main goal is to increase expressive words through his existing lexicon (word list), and choosing the more functional ones. The child’s motor speech skills should also be considered.

The participants commented that the methodology used was effective in imparting knowledge and skills. Based on the evaluation, 100% of them said the speaker presented a very relevant view on the subject matter, through the audio-visual presentation of actual case studies and other related/ alternative learning materials for communication. Many also suggested other topics for future ASP seminars and looked forward to more Effective and Good Practices for Children with Autism.


ASP continues to work hard in keeping members informed on the latest best practices for children with autism. Sign up now for the following seminars in your area:

*** ASP Cebu Chapter will host the 2nd Regional Autism Conference on Oct. 23-24, at the SM Cebu Trade Hall. Click here for more information.

*** ASP Laguna Chapter Seminar on “Fundamentals in the Care and Management of Children with Autism” will be held on September 4, at the Autism Resource Center of Los BaƱos, Laguna. Click here for more information.

*** ASP Baguio Chapter Seminar on “Epilepsy, Pharmacologic Interventions in Autism and Stem Cell Autism Therapy” will be held on September 5 at Baguio City Hall. Click here for more information.

For more information, email us at


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