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24 September 2010

Unburden Sagging Spirits

By: Jane Frances Moyano, ASP Bacoor Chapter

My daughter Lianne Joy or LJ just turned seven this year. She was diagnosed initially with Global Developmental Delay. But later on her Developmental Pediatrician also noted symptoms classifying her under the Autism Spectrum Disorder.

LJ with her dad

I was devastated. Just looking at my beautiful daughter, got me thinking, “Why her?”, “What did I do wrong for her to turn out like this?”, “Did I do something wrong when I was pregnant with her?” and eventually, “Was something wrong with ME?”

Last year, I met Jan (Jan Pena, Governor ASP Cavite Chapters) during the Cavite Chapters Mini-Special Olympics. She introduced me to a whole new outlook for my daughter, LJ. Joining the activity made me realize that I wasn’t the only parent who blamed myself for my child’s welfare or thought these horrible thoughts.

Family Support Group
This September 18, I was fortunate to attend a Family Support Group (FSG) meeting for parents of kids diagnosed with autism. The event was held at Kidsville Behavior and Therapy Center, Bacoor. Attendees are mostly parents enrolled at the center. Here, I met Jan again, who is invited as the guest speaker.

participants on FSG at Kidsville Behavior and Therapy Center, Bacoor

To further enlighten parents, Jan talked about the basic facts about autism and provided several insights on the condition. She also gave tips on how to handle children with autism (CWA), such as immersing them in various activities to occupy and divert their energies into fruitful tasks. This she said will help CWAs lead meaningful lives.

After her talk, Teacher Joy Lacson, Kidsville Head Administrator and a practicing Occupational Therapist answered several questions on how to manage CWAs behaviors at home. She gave ideas on how to contain their maladaptive behaviors and channel them to more productive activities.

Personal Stories
I began to feel hopeful when Jan showed us some clips of her son Muneer doing activities of daily living such as cooking, sewing and doing the laundry. I was amazed and honestly began thinking - that maybe, one day my daughter will be able to do these things independently, too.

Jan repeatedly reminded our group that LOVE coupled with great amounts of PATIENCE, will guide us, as we help our children experience life to the fullest of their capabilities.

Burdens Unloaded
Each talked about feelings for their children’s condition and how the kids are coping everyday. Not one eye in the entire room was dry as Jan read to us “My Mom, She Made Me Win,” a poem, she said, is spoken to her through Muneer’s eyes. Click here to read the poem.

The meeting turned emotional, as each unburdened worries and anxieties for the children’s future, but we were further encouraged to express them out loud. Jan assured us that in all these trials we face, we are rewarded with our children’s smiles. And in the end, a mansion in Heaven awaits us for all the love we show to our special children.

A weight lifted off me after this meeting ended. When I arrived home and found my LJ coloring our bedroom wall with her crayons, I gave her a big hug and cried. And I prayed, “God, thank you for giving me a chance to make my daughter’s life better.”

I encourage other parents out there to join ASP Family Support Group meetings. You will find hope as you unburden your sagging spirits and be blessed by the support you will receive.


ASP Chapters continue to work hard to meet the needs of families through programs and services. Be an Angel for Autism. Donate now. Call us at 7-903-5496 or email us at


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