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14 December 2010

QC acts to promote welfare of special kids

By Julie M. Aurelio, Philippine Daily Inquirer.Net

Philippine Daily Inquirer

Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista has created a board dedicated to promoting the welfare and well-being of special children in Quezon City.

In an executive order, Bautista said the Special Children’s Board aimed to make public education more accessible to children with special needs.

“We also want to ensure a sustainable program for children with special needs,” he said.

He created the board in accordance with a city ordinance passed on April 2, 2010 which provides for the establishment of a sustainable program for children with special needs to make sure that they have the benefits that regular students enjoy.

The Special Children’s Board will study and report the means for developing a comprehensive, coordinated system of care delivery for special children and to address cases of autism spectrum disorder.

Bautista added that the board would also establish a mechanism to enable children with disabilities to be acknowledged.

The city government, through the Special Children’s Board, will also make it easier for special children and their families to have easy access to educational and development programs.

In addition, special coordinating day care centers for special children will be put up in each of Quezon City’s four districts.

Bautista has directed the accounting of all special children in Quezon City so that the city government could come up with a proportional teacher-student ratio and hire the appropriate number of special education teachers.

The city mayor will sit as chairman of the Special Children’s Board.

The members of the Special Children’s Board are representatives from the Social Services Development Department, Public Affairs and Information Services Office, Division of City Schools, non-governmental organizations and the Committee on Education chairman of the Quezon City Council.

“I am optimistic that the existence of this new body will help children with disabilities to easily cope with their life challenging situation,” Bautista added.

Uploaded with Permission Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer

Acknowledgments to Ms. Julie M. Aurelio (News Writer) and Mr. Miguel C. Suarez ( Editor, Inquirer News Service).

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