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18 January 2011

Applying for PWD ID in Pasay, a UNICEF Child-Friendly City

By: Mirana Medina, Autism Film Maker

Mirana Medina is the film-maker behind ALYANA, the first Filipino digital documentary on autism. The subject matter of the film is her grand-niece and the rise of autism awareness and advocacy in the Philippines. The article below is posted with permission from the author.

December 22, 2010. I tried searching from the National Council for Disability Affairs (NCDA) Website the application form for Person with Disability Identification Card (PWD ID) for downloading purposes so that I could apply for Alyana’s ID—my grandniece with autism— that will give her the same rights and privileges as the senior citizens, but I could not find any.

I had to personally meet Cristy CastaƱeda, focal person for PWDs here in Pasay to get a copy. I learned from her that only one resident from our barangay is registered. I was surprised. I know that there are other PWDs in our area so I got extra copies for them, only to find out later that there are more children with disability other than those I knew of.

Since I needed more copies, I just scanned the original copy that I got from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) office and used it. They were accepted when I filed them yesterday. I was very happy to finally get three more IDs (for the other PWDs) aside from Alyana’s, with the necessary booklets (for groceries and medicines) that they will use to enjoy their benefits. Thanks to Cristy of Pasay DSWD Office and the rest of the staff for being so accommodating!

I am happy to learn, too, that UNICEF categorized Pasay City as a Child-Friendly City. Incidentally, I was given a copy of a proposed ordinance on “… providing for child survival, development, protection, and participation, and establishing a comprehensive children support system in Pasay City…” for some suggestions if I had any. I browsed it and I believe that the Non-Handicapping Environment (NHE) concept should be injected, and BP344 should be stressed since that law affects all PWDs not just the adults. If the Pasay City Council is really bent, serious and sincere in keeping a Child-Friendly City, then they should consider the implementation of the Accessibility Law in the whole city as soon as possible. There was no mention of BP344 anywhere in the said proposed ordinance. It is just good that they are passing it around to concerned individuals for suggestions and additional ideas. For that alone, congratulations!!!


To all Universities and Institutions who are requesting for Alyana Film Showing, you can call the ASP National Office at 7-903-5496. Or send us an email at


Reich Santos said...

I've gotten Dale's as well. Cristy was really helpful, she even gave me one since I also was qualified under Chronic Illness. I wasn't aware of that.

Paul said...

Just a little bit off-topic, but also on the theme of acquiring an ID for PWD. A co-worker has the ID and he has a slipped disk.

Unfortunately, I was diagnosed to have the same condition around 2yrs ago, and have been living with chronic pain eversince.

Who is the person to get in touch with in Pasay City and where?


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