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22 March 2011

What can the Government do for George?

By: Tiffany Tan, ASP Board Secretary

The article documents one of the Workshop Exercises from the recent Monitoring of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) sponsored by Katipunan ng Maykapansanan sa Pilipinas, Inc. (KAMPI), from February 24 to February 27, 2011 at the Great Eastern Hotel, Quezon City.

The workshop aimed to discuss how discrimination is considered within the CRPD. Here, the article addresses on what should or can the government do the address the issues. Click here to read previous post.
Participants during Worskhop Excercises

Hypothetical Scenario George, 12 years old, lives in a rich neighborhood of Makati and has an intellectual disability.

Possible Programs that the Government can do for George

Education for George

1. Public education/consciousness about Persons with Intellectual Disabilities

2. Strict implementation of RA 9442 on Vilification and Public Ridicule

3. Give reasonable accommodation within the public school system or modify his lessons according to his capacity

4. Give seminars/orientation to public school teachers and to students about intellectual disabilities

5. Alternative technologies for education should be made available

6. Inclusive education with support services

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Advocating for George

Our group members agreed that advocacy starts with the family. If the community sees that his family members are willing to advocate for his rights, eventually the community follows.

Education also plays a big part in advocacy building. George’s mom and dad are encouraged to attend parent support group organizations to seek more information and possible assistance or referrals. They can be encouraged to attend seminars, or the LGUs themselves can provide free seminars in their own community or public school setting.

George and his family members, his siblings, down to his lolo and lola will be invited to the NDPR Week, PWD International Day celebrations and the upcoming World Autism Awareness Day Celebrations.

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Awareness Building for George, his family and society

1. Write concerned media or call their attention.

2. Let people know about the existing laws for PWDs

3. Highlight the stories of successful Persons with Disabilities; patronize their products and wares

4. Organize exhibits of their works: paintings, photos

5. Give employment opportunities

6. Invite them to join support groups for parents of children with disabilities

7. Educate family members and eliminate their false beliefs that children with disabilities are “a curse”.

8. Give free orientation on rights and privileges of Persons with Disabilities to establishments, have a group initiative

Each group member of Group 2 contributed their ideas, based on the experiences they themselves have encountered, as most of my group mates are PWDs, and one representative LGU from Surigao and one parent representative. Special thanks to Captain Oscar Taleon of AKAP-Pinoy, Abner Malapaz of Life Heaven, Carmen Zubiaga of WOW-Leap, Panfilo Marantan, Bong Comiling, Lydia Dampios and Connie Wad-as.


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