The Autism Society Philippines (ASP) is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to the well-being of persons on the autism spectrum disorder. We envision a society where Filipinos on the spectrum become the best of their potentials -- self-reliant, independent, productive, socially-accepted citizens of an Autism-OK Philippines.

07 April 2011

18 Roses for Alyana

By: Mirana Medina, film maker and autism advocate

April 2, 2011. The world celebrates the 4th World Autism Awareness Day. We were also celebrating Alyana’s 18th birthday. 18 roses were handed to her one after the other—by her brother Ian, cousins, uncles, even lolos, and Gideon, Alyana’s orphaned cousin. It was a very close family affair.
The debutante... Alyana

It was in 2003 when I started producing the film Alyana; 2006 when it was finally finished and shown. Eight years had gone by! Alyana is now nearly as tall as I am…her mother said she is more responsive, and at least can say “Mama”—one of the sweetest word on earth, I believe. She must have been in Cloud 9 when she first heard that word.
Alyana with Mama and Papa Boyet

My quest into the world of autism began as a study about Alyana, my grand niece with autism. The film research led me to believe that persons with autism do not have a world of their own which is contrary to the common belief of the people in our society.

All people-with or without disabilities, exist and live only in one continuum, in only one world. It is only when we come to understand their condition and the causes of their behavior that the shield of misconception which separates us from them will probably crumble.

More importantly, through this film, people will realize a change in the paradigm of Filipinos that “persons with autism are merely disabled”. Rather, they are “differently-abled”.

The film Alyana is the first documentary film about autism that has been shown in different places and provinces not only in the Philippines but also abroad since 2006.

Autism Society Philippines shares the same belief and envisions the film to be an excellent medium which will further educate and bring the cause of autism in the mainstream. DK True to keeping with its’ vision and mission: To help persons with autism to become, to the best of their potentials, self-reliant, independent, productive and socially accepted members of society.

To request for the Alyana Film Showing in your area, please email us at or call us at 7-903-5496 for more information. Donate generously to ASP Programs and Services. Account Name: Autism Society Philippines, metrobank Kamias Branch Account No: SA 047-3-04751874-2


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