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04 April 2011

Fighting for CWA Rights

By: Abegail Mendoza, ASP Program Assistant

“Dapat tayong lumaban, mag-ingay at isulong ang karapatan ng ating mga anak….. dapat tayong mga magulang ay magkaisa,” (“We need to fight, to make noise and promote the rights of our children… We should be united as parents,”) voiced one father during the Family Support Group (FSG) last March 19, 2011 at the ASP National Office.

ASP Treasurer Evelyn Go, mother of Gelo, a 19 year-old PWA, facilitated the afternoon’s FSG with 4 mothers, 3 fathers and two 2 PWAs. Among the topics discussed were particular concerns for children with autism. Two sad stories were brought up in the said meeting. Everyone was attentive to listen.
Participants of the said Family Support Group

One mother shared her heartbreaking experience. Recently, her 28 year old son with autism died in the hospital. She related how hospital doctors and personnel continued to ignore her repeated requests for assistance. To have an accurate report on cause of death, the family had their son autopsied.

Another story involves a father’s frustration over a school in Quezon City. He alleges that the school refuses to accommodate back his son with autism due to his repeated protests on improper implementation on “reasonable accommodation”. He says that although his son is accommodated, the services given to him are inadequate to meet his special needs.

Painful Resolutions

While awaiting results of the autopsy, mother visited ASP for consultations in filing a case against the hospital and its personnel/staff for alleged negligence. She resolved to attend ASP’s activities, like the Family Support Group, in the hopes of educating other parents on how to defend the rights of CWAs and dreams of building a hospital catering specifically to their needs.

Click here to read “Avoiding Hospital Horrors: How to prepare your child with Autism for Hospital.”

The father on the other hand received a letter of dismissal from the school saying that they could no longer accommodate his son due to “unrealistic expectations” by the father, and that they have already done everything to help the child. The father decides to file a complaint letter to the Department of Education for discrimination and violation on his son’s right to education.

ASP Executive Director, Ranil Sorongon, advised the participants that in similar cases on violations on the rights of persons with autism, they can file a formal complaint to the Commission on Human Rights (CHR). This ensures of incident being documented. Should complainant decide to pursue the case, this document will help prove their case in court.

Education is Key

ASP continues to receive increasing incidents on similar cases encountered by the parents. Through ASP’s regular Autism Awareness and Orientation Seminars to Public Schools and Universities, more people are becoming aware in addressing the unique problems encountered by families. Soon the same module will be extended to hospitals.

To request for an Autism Orientation Seminar in your institutions or companies, write us at or call us at 7-903-5496 for more information.


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