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28 April 2011

How To Claim 20% Discount for Medicines at Mercury Drug Stores?

Mercury Drug Stores will finally implement giving the 20% discount on all medicines (branded and generic) on May 1, 2011.

To help facilitate the process, please be informed of the following:

Items needed to claim discount:

1. Valid PWD ID

Click here on how to apply for PWD ID

2. Medicine Discount Booklet

3. Doctors Prescription

a) Prescription should be valid only if within the month

b) Both branded and generic brand should be specified

For persons who will buy the medicines on behalf of the PWD, you will need the following documents:

1. Bring items 1-3

2. Letter of authorization from parent/relative

3. If 3rd party will buy for the PWD, a letter of authorization must come from the parent/relative of PWD

4. Valid ID of authorized person specified in the letter to purchase medicines

Other matters:

1. PWD can only avail of one week’s supply of medicines

2. Discount on medicines applies to both branded and generic

3. Food supplements are not covered by the discount

4. Medical supplies or equipment/apparatus are not covered by the discount

5. Please ask/request to your doctor to issue a seperate prescription for BFAD (Bureau of Food and Drug) Regulated/Control Medications. (call DOH at 651-7800 or BFAD at 8094390 for more information).

Please note that the 20% discount on medicines is ONLY APPLICABLE to the PERSON with DISABILITY. This does not apply to family members or friends. Any person who violates any provision of the RA 9442 may receive fines and imprisonment. (See Penal Clause – Sec 46 of RA 9442).

Official documents that might be useful

1. RA 9442

2. IRR 9442

3. DOH Guidelines 2009-0011

4. Public service Announcement

Useful Telephone Numbers:

ASP Office: 7-903-5496
NCDA Office: 952-2809, 951-6033 or 951-6401
CHR Office: 385-1605, 927-8772 or 377-2477


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