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16 May 2011

Rescued Chained Autistic Girl Gets Help

By: Tiffany Tan, ASP Board Secretary May 16, 2011 Manila, Philippines.

Chained Autistic Girl “Angel” (not her real name) remains in the custody of the DSWD Manila's Reception and Action Center (RAC). Angel has been receiving care and therapy services since her ordeal. Apparently, Angel has been confined to their home and chained to her bed for the last three years. A team of social workers from DSWD Manila in coordination with the Local Barangay authorities and Media, led to her eventful rescue.
"Angel" with her Occupational Therapist Teacher Louise Erika Del Rosario

According to ASP Executive Director, Ranil Sorongon, after Angel was rescued, she was evaluated by a Developmental Pediatrician from Philippine General Hospital Child Protection Unit (PGH-CPU) and was diagnosed to have autism and profound mental retardation (intellectual disability).

ASP UP CAMP Manila Chapter President, Beth Udquin, mother to two boys with autism and a psychology graduate volunteered to partner with Chapter Secretary, Jeng Rodriguez, also a parent of a CWA, to give immediate assistance to Angel.

Both volunteered, because of their experience in handling their own children with autism (CWAs) and the trainings they received from the many seminars conducted by the ASP National Office, they might be able to help educate Angel's family on how to properly manage the girl's situation. Also through their referral, Angel was able to get a slot at PGH's Ward 7 and DSWD approved to pay for her first 10 sessions of Occupational Therapy Services.

No case yet was filed for the mother and brother, who allegedly chained Angel for three years and confined her in a small room at their home. But currently, the mother has been receiving counseling services from the chapter in coordination with DSWD Manila. The mother is also encouraged to attend support group meetings of ASP and continuous parent education sessions from the chapter.

Click here to watch the video courtesy of GMA7.

Ignorance continues to be the tragedy behind autism. Many Filipino families are still in the dark on how to give the appropriate care and intervention for families dealing with autism. Presently, there are approximately a million Filipinos with autism around the country (Based on the UN estimates, 1% in every population affected with autism). Only 5% of children with autism are diagnosed and only 2% of the 5% diagnosed are receiving appropriate care and services.

ASP UP CAMP Manila chapter email address: President Beth Udquin 0929-514-6801 / Secretary Jeng Rodriguez 0922-896-9612.


Autism Society Philippines envision an environment that empowers persons with autism spectrum disorder to become, to the best of their potentials, self-reliant, productive and socially accepted members of the community. For this, we commit ourselves to the establishment of institutional mechanisms to support persons with autism and their families. Donate generously to ASP Programs and Services. Deposit to Autism Society Philippines Metrobank, Kamias Branch, Savings Account number 047-3-04751874-2. Email us at or call 7-903-5496.

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