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23 May 2011

Softening the Wall

By Diane Manzano, Sibling of a CWA and ASP Volunteer

Autism, from a very startling point of view, seems to be a daunting cemented wall that divides a home. Defining space and creating gaps. Recently, Autism Society Philippines held a seminar about “Developing a Home Program Plan” which can be used by parents and professionals alike to teach young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Concerned families and citizen may not be able to tear down the wall completely but they can soften and weather it until it breaks down, little by little.
Participants of the said seminar

The said seminar was held in NORFIL Foundation’s building in Quezon City last Saturday, May 14. About 30 people attended and among them are SPED teachers, parents and Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) workers. It started with the introduction of the participants proceeded by lectures given by Mrs. Rizalinda Cansanay and Ms. Rosalyn Marie Sorongon.

Mrs. Cansanay, President of ASP Laguna chapter, showed and discussed video clips of five cases of children with autism (CWA). The videos documented the process on how the 5 mothers are trying to teach their children the basic skills like sitting, waiting, requesting, turn-taking and coming when called. She showed two videos, 1st day and 5th day of the home program, for each set of children and there clearly were significant difference in the behavior of each of the children on the first day and on the fifth day after the continuous intervention in the home setting as shown in the videos.

On the other hand, Ms. Sorongon, an ASP trainer, talked about the theoretical part of the home program. She explained the characteristics of home programs, issues to consider and most especially how to make a plan and execute it. All participants were then given the time to group together and come up with a home program plan. The participants were given the time to share their output and speakers critiqued it and gave some suggestions on how to improve their plan.
ASP Laguna Chapter President Rizalinda Cansanay (left) ASP Trainer My Sorongon (right)

“As a Liliane Mediator, I will recommend that other mediators will attend this seminar-workshop to help them understand and implement a home program plan” said Maris Madrilejos, a participant.

At the end of the day, participants did not just acquired knowledge but brought a concrete plan on what to do and how to make use of that knowledge.

Interested parties can request ASP to conduct this seminar-workshop by contacting them at telephone 7-903-5496 or email at


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