The Autism Society Philippines (ASP) is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to the well-being of persons on the autism spectrum disorder. We envision a society where Filipinos on the spectrum become the best of their potentials -- self-reliant, independent, productive, socially-accepted citizens of an Autism-OK Philippines.

03 June 2011

Sharing and Learning

By: Cathy Genovia, ASP Volunteer

It would be great to have someone to talk to, especially if you were in the same boat. It would be nice to hear stories that are familiar to you, as though you have travelled the same road but in a different way. Listening to and exchanging stories with people who were once strangers, but now you have shared everything with them.

At ASP we believe that one way of easing the pain in every family affected with autism is to provide an opportunity to parents to pour out all their heartaches and pains. Let them feel that they have a friend who may not know them personally, but definitely understands what they are going through.

With this in mind, ASP conducts monthly Family Support Group (FSG) Meetings. In May 21, 2011, Ging Viado acted as the main facilitator and resource with the assistance of ASP Executive Director, Ranil Sorongon. Ging is a member of ASP’s Board of Trustees, a mother to Gigi – an adult with autism, and a special education teacher. Teacher Ging (as she is fondly called) is an expert with more than two decades of experience in the modification of behavior of individuals with autism.

Last May, four (4) fathers, four (4) mothers and a grandmother attended this FSG. All of them have their own stories to tell. And indeed, most of them were able to connect with each other because of one important person in each of their lives: their child with autism.
Participants with facilitator ASP Trustee Ging Viado and ASP Executive Director Ranil Sorongon

Below are some reactions of participants after the session:

“I’m ready to face the challenges that may come along the way, because I know I have a support group that will help me lighten my burden”

“An authority figure at home can help. I also learned that I need to train others at home”

“Nalaman ko ngaun kung ano ang gagawin para mas madali kong maintindihan ang aking anak na may autismo at kung ano ang dapat kung gawin pag siya ay nag hyper”

“Early intervention is the best way to handle a child with autism. With the right knowledge, time and dedication we can make a difference for our kids”

If you missed the May FSG, we would like to invite you once again for our upcoming FSG on June 18. This meeting will be facilitated by Tiffany Tan, who is an ASP Board Secretary and a mother to JR, a 20-year-old college student with autism.


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