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24 October 2011

ASP Ormoc City District 1 holds Seminar, Film Showing and Inducts Officers

Source: Eastern Visayas Mail

Autism Society Philippines Ormoc District 1 Chapter, in cooperation with the Department of Education (Ormoc City Division), conducted a seminar on TEACHH or Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication for Handicapped Children at the multipurpose center of the New Ormoc City Hall last September 18, 2011, with Ms. Erlinda “Dang” Uy Koe, ASP Chair Emeritus, as guest speaker.

The seminar focused on how to take proper care of children with autism both in and out of school. The primary purposes of TEACCH are 1) to improve the level of skills of the child through special interests and 2) to modify the structure of the environment for accommodating the people/children with autism.

Children diagnosed with autism have some common behaviors. Many of them have attention deficit, have poor verbal and comprehension abilities, are disorganized, and have difficulties coping with change, among other traits. These shouldn’t be considered as obstacles to their learning or improvement, as there are ways address and help them overcome these behaviors.

In a structured environment, having consistent, clear areas and boundaries should be defined, so that when the child is in a specific area, he/she will know what to do. Minimizing visual and auditory distractions, implementing non-visual physical structures, Koe said, will help the child focus.

Koe who personally uses the TEACHH method on her son Gio, teen with autism, also discussed its structural concept utilizing a system of devices. Through behavior management, Gio is taught to follow a daily schedule. Koe said, this system can be applied to other children with autism and eventually, help them learn flexibility in individual work system.

Ormoc City’s First Lady Julida M. Codilla also extends her advocacy program through the Special Education Classes of Ormoc City Central School. The program which started its operation three years ago proved to be effective, according to Teacher Arlene P. Sia, during an interview in her classroom.
Kids watching film in the classroom
(photo source Eastern Visayas Mail)

She backed up her claims with the increased enrollment of children with Autism, Global Developmental Delay, Down Syndrome, Celebral Palsy, and other intellectual and multiple disabilities, with ages ranging from 5 to 38 years old. The mayor has a special child enrolled in the central school’s special education class.

Morning sessions are confined to communication arts, social development, motor and recreational activities, music and arts and remediation. Afternoon sessions focus on sports and physical development, numeracy, vocational training and functional literacy and other tutorial learning activities.

Sia says there’s no gap or difference about teaching children with disabilities, as she applies love and care to them similarly to how she would her own two children. Sia has 17 years experience in teaching, including 3 years in special education in OCCS. She hopes to a more accepting society where parents will no longer ashamed to send special children to school or visit public places.

There was also an Alyana Film showing after the seminar. The film is the first Philippine digital documentary on autism by Mirana Medina.

ASP Chair Emeritus, Dang Koe also shared her personal stories about Gio, 17-year-old her teen with autism and the difficulties they have gone through. With her husband passing away last year due to cancer, her most-feared enemy now, is TIME. But looking back, Koe said, she can’t help but be proud of her son, and all the achievements they had gained through the years. “Children like Gio are born so that they can bring out the best of other people,” came her ending salvo.

The induction of ASP Ormoc District 1 Chapter followed: Eng. Generoso Managbanag (President), Celina Sia (Vice President), Analyn Merin (Secretary), Josephine Sesiban (Treasurer), Danilo Hermano (Auditor), Nerisa Pedirecos, (Public Information Officer). Generoso said that they are currently holding weekly seminars for concerned people interested in handling children with autism.
The induction of ASP Ormoc District 1 Chapter facilitated by ASP Chair Emeritus Dang Koe
(photo source Eastern Visayas Mail)

You can contact the ASP Ormoc Dist. 1 Chapter President Engr. Generoso Managbanag at 0920-960-5791.

Be an Angel for Autism. Donate generously to ASP Programs and Services. Donate to Autism Society Philippines Metrobank Kamias Branch 047-3-04751874-2. Email us at or call 7-903-5496.


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