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23 November 2011

Bonding Time with Bro

By: Allen Legarto, ASP Project 4, Cubao Chapter

Having a brother with autism is both hard and very enjoyable at the same time. Hard, because I can’t fully treat my brother like any normal individual; and I have to always understand and keep in mind that he has a disability. It’s very enjoyable at the same time to be around my brother, because he is kind; has a sweet and adorable personality, replied Allen Legarto during an e-mail interview by ASaP News Team.

Last November 6, 2011, Allen and his brother JV joined ASP Family for a fieldtrip to Philip’s Sanctuary in Antipolo together with other members of their chapter. Click here to read about the trip. Our team observed that JV was visibly upset when the weather was rainy. Brother Allen just sat quietly at the dining area of Jollibee Commonwealth, as we waited for others to join the convoy. JV was assured that the trip will push through and he was all smiles later.

“I expected to have quality time with my brother JV, just have fun and relax,” continued Allen during the interview. “The unique experience I had with JV was in the swimming pool. I tried to go to the deeper side of the pool, while he clung on to me. That was a good opportunity to teach him how to swim. Another unique and funny moment was when we explored the hanging bridge. My brother kept on shouting “Emergency!”

“My brother’s weakness is he can’t understand most of the Tagalog words. His strength is – he is an amazing pianist! When he listens to a song on the radio, after two to three times of listening to it, he plays it on the piano.”

Allen related that one of the challenges he deals with is people not being fully aware of his brother’s autism. “People tend to misunderstand the way my brother acts. They usually assume that he is crazy. I can be an advocate for JV by giving people more information about my brother’s condition and sharing to them my experiences on how to handle a person with autism.”

ED: This article acknowledges ASP Program Assistant, Cathy Genovia for this interview.

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