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22 February 2012

Back-to-back seminars on autism

By Cath Genovia, ASP Program Assistant

Two important topics were conducted during the free back to back seminars last January 27 at Skydome, SM City North EDSA as part of the celebration of ASP’s 16th National Autism Consciousness Week with the theme “Making the Rights Real for Filipinos with Autism”.

Participants of the seminar

Part One

Due to the recognized importance of the role of the developmental pediatrician, occupational therapist, speech therapist and special education teacher in the management of autism, the working committee offered a free lecture on the "Roles of Professionals in the Management of Autism" to ASP and non-ASP members.

ASP invited the top professionals in their respective field to equip participants with proper knowledge, skills and attitude to face the autism challenge -- among them, Dr Jacqueline Navarro (Developmental Pediatrician), Mr. Anthony Grecia (Occupational Therapist), Dr. Ferdiliza Garcia (Speech Therapist) and Ms. Genevieve Rivadelo (Special Education Teacher).

Speakers of the seminar

Part Two

In the Philippines, no study has ever been done to determine outcomes of adults with autism. Among children of parent-members of the Autism Society Philippines, there is only a handful who engages in productive work, and most of these cases are in Metro Manila. While the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) as well as the Magna Carta for Persons with Disabilities provide for equal opportunities, the prognosis is not all that positive because of the rising unemployment and underemployment rates in the country today.

For the second topic, a “Forum on Employment for Persons with Autism” was held. Invited speakers will share the different employment programs for persons with autism in their respective schools. Resource speakers were:

- Mrs. Carmel Almendrala, a Trustee of ASP, shared her experiences and insights on how she prepared her son with autism for eventual employment. Michael, now 42 is a permanent employee of the Philippine Information Agency.

- Mrs. Riza Cansanay, President of ASP Laguna Chapter, shared their experienced in putting up the Autism Resource Center in Laguna. She is a mother to Michael, a 26 yr old, adult with autism.

- Ms. Nina Carmela V. Almeda, or Teacher Nina, is the Special Education Coordinator of the Independent Living Learning Centre, or the ILLC Manila. She shared ILLC’s program and how they trained their students with developmental disabilities.

- Ms. Yolanda Michelle Bautista or teacher Landa, she is the Curriculum Director of The Learning Center, Inc. (TLC). She shared experiences and the different employment programs they have in TLC.

ASP National Trustees and Mr. Ranilo Sorongon

After all the speakers shared their experiences and expertise, Mr. Mike Limon and Ms. Hazel Borja, emcees of the day, gave time to the participants to ask questions to all the speakers.

The said forum and seminar was not only for hearing people but for everyone. Our friend from AMO-PDM headed by Ms. Elisa Formata interpreted the whole session to the hearing-impaired who came also to listen and be enlightened by the speakers.

We would like to thank Krispy Kreme and DSWD Central Office for the food, the Council for the Welfare of Children for the token of the speakers, all our speakers, SM Program on Disability Affairs, our emcees and all our participants.


Oraluna said...

is there any relationship between vaccines and autism in infants? or is it totally gentic?

Autism Society Philippines said...

Hi Oraluna,
Please read the following data from UC Davis Mind Institute:

"Does this mean that we can say without a doubt that vaccines do not cause autism in some children?

The answer to this question is “no”. There is emerging evidence that some children are immunologically compromised and therefore may respond in an atypical way to vaccinations.

We do not currently understand how atypical immune responses might influence the developing nervous system or how commonly such adverse effects occur. Further, we currently have no way to
identify those children who might respond adversely to vaccines.

Several research projects at the MIND Institute are attempting to find such diagnostic markers. Clearly more research needs to be carried out on the relationship between the immune system and autism."

Click the link below to read more

Advice from UC Davis MIND Institute:

"Practically, if your child has clinical indications of an immune system abnormality, such as unusual or difficult to treat infections, or your family has a long and extensive history of
immunological problems, we recommend that you consult with your physicians about the safest options for immunizing your children."

Also read the Importance of Vaccines

Hope this helps.

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