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08 November 2012

One Miraculous FSG

By Maria Joyla C. Nerona-Ofrecia, President ASP City of San Fernando (P) Chapter

ASP CSFP Chapter has been dormant for a couple of months but is now wide-awake and ready to serve again! As a kick-off, we conducted a Family Support Group Meeting last 20 October 2012, Saturday, 1pm at the Inocencio Magtoto Memorial Foundation (IMMFI) office in Dolores, City of San Fernando Pampanga.
Janette Peña and Joyla Ofrecia leading Family Support Group

The activity was attended by 7 mothers and 3 fathers of children with autism. A representative from IMMFI and 4 representatives from other PWD organizations from around North Luzon joined us.

ASP National President Ms. Jan Peña talked about the organization and its advocacy. She also shared valuable and inspiring insights to the group. She stressed that our children with autism are a blessing from God. I talked about the grieving process that parents of children with special needs go through and she also gave some words to remember in the care and management of CWA.

Here are some of the comments from the parent attendees:

“Attending family support group was one of the best decisions I have made since I joined ASP. I never thought that it is going to be fun, interactive and informative. But the best part of it, I was able to bring my husband with me, whom I believe benefited well on the topics tackled during the discussion. What was so liberating was when he started hearing other dads’ stories regarding their children. How they openly shared the ups and downs in their own journey. I believe it helped him to be more open about his feelings towards our son’s condition. Having my husband understands our son without fear, without holding back, with pure hope and positivism I think is the best benefit I got in attending FSG. Thanks ASP for continuing this advocacy. Thank you Mommy Joy for your untiring passion in keeping the chapter alive. We appreciate you.”

“I think it was divine intervention that I was able to attend FSG yesterday. It made me realize so many things. Dahil sobra akong nahihirapan sa behaviour ng anak ko, I thought of it as a problem not a challenge, a curse and not a blessing. Until Mommy Jan made me realize I was wrong. You and Mommy Jan verbalized everything of what I was thinking, I was consumed with negative thoughts and I overlooked all the blessings that came. The self-injurious behaviour is too much for me and I even thought of ending my suffering. This is such a difficult phase in my life and it’s amazing how God works with people to help me get through this. It’s such a relief to meet people like you and Mommy Jan, para kayong angels in disguise. Yesterday’s FSG is what I badly needed. Thank God we have leaders like you.”

It was a miraculous day indeed and so amazing how God works on us. There were so much limitations yet He made a way for this family support group meeting to push through because He knew that there are parents who need it that day. Every word that was uttered during the discussion was anointed by the Holy Spirit, as it needs to provide realization, inspiration and strength. Even the comments and reactions of the participants found its way to reach the knowledge of the organizer, for it will give us more reason to continue what we love to do, to serve.

Again, we would like to thank Ms. Tonette Magtoto of IMMFI for lending us their place and for continuously supporting our chapter; and to Ms. Jan Peña for visiting us and sharing her wisdom.

To our Almighty God, all praises to you, we are grateful to you for making everything possible.


Unknown said...

Congratulations Tita Joy and San Fernando Chapter Moms and Dads! Let's keep the fire burning!! God bless!

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