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30 September 2013

The Miller Method: A Different Approach

Dr. Lucille Montes with Dr. Sonia Mastrangelo and Dr. Stephen Shore

The Miller Method has a cognitive-developmental approach and incorporates developing capacity for using language. It uses the child’s behavioral repertoire and transforms these, even if they don’t seem to serve any purpose, into something functional, instead of extinguishing them. The child’s organized “‘chunks’ of behavior, perception or thought” are called “systems” and the key to this method is understanding how systems work. What I like best about this method is that it does not stop at the child’s rote compliance that gives the appearance of meaningful functioning but rather aims to see evidence from the child of real understanding.

Those who have been working with individuals in the autism spectrum know that there is no “one size that fits all” in terms of intervention. I am fortunate to have come across the Miller Method introduced to me by my Filipina friend Denese Dumol, who is based in Canada and herself is mother to JB who has ASD and is now an adult. Denese has an M.A. in Special Education and has over 30 years of experience as clinician, educator, and consultant in Toronto on developmental disabilities. She studied the Miller Method® under its proponent Dr. Arnold Miller himself in the U.S.A. After reading Dr. Miller’s book that Denese lent me, I was convinced this is my method of choice in giving interventions to my clients before trying anything else. I therefore decided to study it myself in Dr. Miller’s Language and Cognitive Development Center. Sadly, Dr. Miller passed away last year. His son, Ethan, nevertheless, proceeded with organizing a training workshop conducted by Dr. Miller’s very expert therapists who personally trained under him for many years.

This article is a contribution of Dr. Lucille Montes: Lucille A. Montes is a certified family physician and a registered psychologist. Her clinic, Familiaris Counselling Center, is in south Metro Manila. She also teaches graduate subjects in De La Salle University-Manila.


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