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08 May 2015

Empowering the Families through Nutritional Intervention

Autism Society Philippines Laguna Chapter continues its services to empower persons with disabilities and their families through health related activities. The live blood analysis was conducted at Autism Resource Center (ARC) in Los Baños on April 23,2015 in partnership with a member facility, Heart for Autism Research and Training Center HeART Center) in coordination with the Christian Development Center. ASP Laguna believes in the power of a healthy lifestyle and its effects in our lives.

ASP Laguna Families and Persons with Disabilities

Fifty four persons participated in the said activity. To begin with, an orientation was conducted by Ms. Aisa Mendiola, HeART Center Directress. It was followed by a short discussion by Ms. Millet Buenafe, Hallelujah Health Minister from Christian Development Center. She was joined by three of her peers. Height and weight were measured, which were used to compute the Body Mass Index (BMI). The result of the BMI measurements were compared to the standard lists.

True to what we have seen in the monitor as the blood samples were analyzed, we have seen the Normal Red Blood Cells (RBC) which is round, uniform in shape and free flowing. The White Blood Cells (WBC), which is larger than the RBC, is irregular in shape and also moves independently. These healthy cells was seen in the result of live blood analysis of Aisa Mendiola, a cancer survivor for 9 years. This only proved that there is hope if we aggressively pursue a healthy lifestyle.

We are glad to see some of good results of some of the ARC trainees namely David Michael Lopez, Emmanuel Zamora and Michael Cansanay as well as Kim Lapastora of Los Baños Community Center (LBCC). Most of the participants seen to have damaged cells, rouleaux (worse stage of protein linkage, resembling a file of coin), RBC aggregation, uric acid, ovalocytes, microcytes, etc... Based on the results, participants became aware on what is happening in their body and were advised to be careful in the choice of food consumed. The healthy lifestyle has to be coupled by regular exercise, early morning sunshine exposure and most of all, seek the Divine intervention for the positive change in life.

ASP Laguna is grateful for those who have participated in this endeavour and we look forward in reaching out to other places to empower persons with disabilities and their families through this activity.

According to the disclaimer in live blood analysis form, it is “a unique technique of viewing live blood is not a diagnostic procedure for specific diseases. It is more of a screening test to reflect how one’s dietary and lifestyle may be influencing health. For our purposes, we simply want to view the “terrain” of the blood to catch a glimpse of the overall “toxic load” and consequent state of health of our client. It can often point you in a direction to take appropriate adjustments that are necessary within these areas in order to optimize health and prevent the onset of disease. Health problems and degenerative conditions can be prevented with early nutritional intervention.”

About the contributor: Ms. Catherine L. Lopez obtained her Bachelor of Elementary Education, Major in Special Education at San Pablo Colleges and her Master of Arts in Education, Major in Special Education at Jose Rizal University. She is the Job Coach for the office and messenger services of Autism Resource Center. She also serves as the President of ASP Laguna Chapter and cluster head for ASP chapters in South Luzon. She is a mother of a young adult with autism who graduated from UP Los Baños in 2017.


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