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23 March 2016

Making friends with Speech-Language Pathologists

SLP in front of foods
Future Speech- Language Pathologists from the College of Rehabilitation, Sciences of the University of Santo Tomas held its annual ‘SLP Day’ at the Tan Yan Kee Student Center Parking Lot last 19 March 2016. There were a variety of booths that were made by the different batches of the SLP community inside the college. Along with the play day, a seminar for the parents was held at the Speech-Language Pathology Laboratory. The topic for the seminar was about making the everyday activities of the children meaningful to them. Moreover, the partner community was able to have a grand time with the people who were assigned with different aspects throughout the event. Members of the ASP UP CAMP were on hand to enjoy the day with the budding SLP’s.

The freshmen made a hospital-themed and market-themed booth wherein the former stall made an environment for the children to imagine themselves as doctors with the stuffed toys that were provided. The designed market stall that was also made by batch 2020 was included with the idea that the people can either be one of the customers or be an owner of the market filled with the food shaped toys.

The sophomores were able to make life-sized furniture and machines that were both used for play. In the laundry designed area, the children had fun in making bubbles and following the step-by-step process like washing the clothes, ironing them, and even folding some of the shirts and shorts provided. The bath of 2019 also gave a restaurant that was also a hit to some of the kids. From cutting the food to cooking them inside the oven; the children were able to enjoy and experience a unique moment.

The third-years, meanwhile, provided a space for the children with different ages and personalities to enjoy the quiet and meaningful makeshift library with the small books that were used for reading. Furthermore, the third-years created a mini golf course that was also flocked by the majority of the young boys and girls. The course was constructed with a design that was child-friendly and entertaining with animals as the models.

The SLP students who are now in their fourth year and internship period were the people who took care of the children hands-on. They were the ones who showed proper ways of handling a child who wanted to play and even those were also in the midst of a small tantrum. It was indeed unforgettable. It was a small sneak peek on the days to come as a future SLP in the country and in the future generation.

In every SLP Day that has happened, it has continuously been proven that with an SLP, every child will always have a friend.

About the contributor: Madelyn Escario is a second-year Speech-Language Pathology student from the College of Rehabilitation Sciences (CRS) in UST. She is a writer for Amplified, the Speech-Language Pathology Society’s online newsletter, and the current editor-in-chief of the Therapeutic Currents, the official publication the CRS.


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