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05 May 2017

Workshop on Response to Crisis Behavior

ASP National board trustee Cecile Sicam welcomed 30 participants in a Workshop on Response to Crisis Behavior held at the Autism Society Philippines National Headquarters last April 29, 2017. There were more teachers than parents who attended the seminar.

The image shows participants doing workshop during the seminar.
Participants of the seminar during the workshop

Teacher Cecile explained that response to crisis behaviors is not an intervention but a way to cope when interventions such as behavior modification strategies, communication strategies and sensory integration fail. She showed the different phases of crisis behaviors, the signs and behaviors during each phase and how the adult should respond during each phase to teach self-regulation and to prevent escalation into the next phase. Videos were shown to illustrate the phases and how adult responses can escalate or diffuse the situation.

One must also be prepared for the unavoidable and unpredictable instances where the behavior escalates to aggression or self-inflicting behavior. Teacher Cecile stressed that the goal was to keep both the PWA and the attending adult safe while going through the crisis phase. She mentioned the importance of Self Assessment and to be aware of one’s tendency for “Fight” or “Flight” and how one must “dress” to deal with crisis behaviors. All people stood up as they did bending, balancing, crouching, side and back steps and pivot exercises as Mobility Check.

She explained as much as possible that one must try to avoid getting hit. She showed the safe and danger zones and evasion techniques. Participants were divided into groups of 3’s as they took turns kicking, hitting, lunging and practicing how to get away from different kinds of attacks e.g. pinching, hair pulling, back choke, and bear hug.

It was stressed that restraint should only be used as a last resort. Participants were shown many kinds of safe restraints and escort holds if the need for it arises.

“I’m very thankful that there’s also a workshop right after the lectures.”

“I commend the speaker for today. She was able to explain the topic well; able to catch participants attention. The topic is very helpful to me.”

“All personnel are accommodating. All my expectations were met. Thank you for this informative seminar. Our speaker is really awesome. She explains the topic in very comprehensive and understandable manner. Congratulations!”


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