The Autism Society Philippines (ASP) is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to the well-being of persons on the autism spectrum disorder. We envision a society where Filipinos on the spectrum become the best of their potentials -- self-reliant, independent, productive, socially-accepted citizens of an Autism-OK Philippines.

03 December 2019

The ASP AUthletics kicks off with an inter-city tournament

The Autism Society Philippines, the nation’s strongest and widest-reaching autism advocacy group is inspiring acceptance, accommodation and appreciation of persons with autism (PWAs), through programs and projects relevant to the our growing community of 13,000 members and 98 chapters nationwide.

Since it began in 1989, our community has taken bold steps, despite being fueled by humble resources. In 2016, we launched the ASP Autism Works economic empowerment initiative which has benefited more than 200 persons on the spectrum through employment, training and entrepreneurship opportunities -- AutisMALL, Project GourmA and Project ChocolatA. In 2018, we birthed the ASP HOMEpowerment program which provided therapy for pre-schoolers on the spectrum and parent training which help dedicated but financially vulnerable families.

In 2020, the Autism Society Philippines takes another uncharted step in launching the ASP AUthletics. The program will be formally introduced at the Angels Walk for Autism 2020 on January 26. This is envisioned as a nationwide initiative on 1) wellness through movement; and 2) competitive athlete development for individuals on the autism spectrum. The program will promote well-being, friendship, and achievement; as well as will inspire genuine acceptance, accommodation and appreciation in an Autism-OK Philippines.

The image shows six boys on the spectrum holding a banner of Philippines flag and Autism Society Philippines after ASEAN Autism Games wearing their Angels Walk 2019 shirt and medals.
Philippine delegation to the ASEAN Autism Games in 2018

The Autism Society Philippines is preparing for our country's participation at the ASEAN Autism Games in October 2020 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

What: ASP AUthletics Tournament
When: 26 January 2020, Sunday at 1:00pm (following the Angels Walk for Autism)
Where: SM MOA Music Hall, Pasay City


Takkyu Volley (Team), a sport invented in Japan, is played on a ping pong table where a maximum of 12 seated athletes play the game by rolling the ball, with wood blocks, under a regulation net. The game is scored like volley ball. Get familiar with this fun but simple game here:

We invite duly-accredited ASP Chapters to sign up for the competition, by filling out the on-line registration forms BEFORE 15 January 2020, noon. They must:
- Field five (5) players to represent their city or municipality;
- Commit players who are in good health;
- Travel independently or as a group to the tournament venue;
- Ensure athletes are comfortably dressed and properly nourished/hydrated; and
- Ensure athletes are accompanied by caregivers familiar with their needs/preferences. (Caregivers may stand behind the athlete during the game, if needed; but caregiver cannot hold the paddle.)

The team is required to wear suitable active footwear, the ASP Angels Walk for Autism 2020 shirt, and a unique signature accessory (caps, eyewear, capes -- get creative!) that will distinguish each team. Cost of the team uniform will be born by the athletes or a team sponsor.

The winner will be determined in a single elimination knockout system. Medals will go to the top four teams -- one gold, one silver and two bronze. All participants will get a certificate.


Obstacle Course Race (Individual) involves an athlete navigating through a series of challenging physical obstacles, while being timed. It will include running, jumping, hopping and balancing, testing one's speed, endurance and agility.

We invite ASP member families to sign up for the competition, by filling out the on-line registration forms BEFORE 22 January 2020, noon. Parents are responsible for ensuring athletes are in good health.

Group A - Below 8 years old (Assisted/Unassisted)
Group B - 8 to 14 years old (Assisted/Unassisted)
Group C - 14 years old and above (Assisted)
Group D - 14 years old and above (Unassisted)

All athletes are required to wear suitable active footwear and the ASP Angels Walk for Autism 2020 shirt. Medals will go to the individuals with the three best times in each category. All participants will get a certificate.

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