The Autism Society Philippines (ASP) is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to the well-being of persons on the autism spectrum disorder. We envision a society where Filipinos on the spectrum become the best of their potentials -- self-reliant, independent, productive, socially-accepted citizens of an Autism-OK Philippines.

16 July 2021

Nomination for ASP Self Advocates Circle Leaders 2021-2022

The Autism Society Philippines Self-Advocates Circle (SACi) was formed in 2018 to bring the voices of persons on the spectrum together, as a positive force of change in Philippine society. To continue the group’s advocacy, ASP is looking for the next leaders who are interested to serve the ASP Self Advocates Circle and continue the program and activities.

The image shows seven people forming into a circle by sticking their heads together.
ASP SACi Nomination Poster

From 16-30 July 2021, nominations are now welcome to fill the executive committee. This year’s Election Committee (EleCom) Chair is Mr. Cenin Faderogao. He and other members of the Election Committee, Abby Mendoza and Angel Penaloza will validate the status of all nominators and the qualifications of all the nominees.

On 9-23 August 2021, ASP SACi will elect its new leadership–who will lead the self-advocates members for the next 2 years and continue its national advocacy.

Nomination Guidelines:

1. For an ASP SACi member to nominate another member to the execom position, he/she must be an ASP SACi member with an updated membership as of 15 July 2021 and a member for at least six months.

2. An ASP SACi member may nominate himself.

3. Nominees must meet the following criteria:
 3.1 an active ASP SACI member in good standing for at least two consecutive years
 3.2 of good moral character
 3.3 able to attend regular and special meetings virtually or physically.
 3.4 able to head a committee.

4. If a nominee does not meet the above-mentioned qualifications, the ASP SACi member who nominated him/her may email the EleCom Chair a “Request for Consideration” highlighting the candidate’s other attributes. EleCom Chair shall consult with the ASP National Trustees for a decision.

Nomination Process:

1. A call for nomination will be sent to all members.
2. To nominate, please fill-up the Nomination Form thru this link (
3. You will receive a confirmation of the nomination you have submitted. However, the nominees must approve or accept their nomination to be included in the final list of candidates.
4. The Election Committee will validate the status of all nominators and the qualifications of all the nominees and confirm their eligibility via email and phone.
5. We shall be posting the final list of candidates on 9 August 2021.

Voting Process:

1. Members may cast their ballot via electronic voting from 9-23 August 2021.
2. The conduct of the elections will be based on the ASP National By-Laws.
3. Decisions of the Election Committee will be final.
4. The new SACI Officers will be announced on 27 August 2021.


Nomination Period: 16-30 July 2021
Online Elections: 9-23 August 2021
Announcement of Results: 27 August 2021


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