The Autism Society Philippines (ASP) is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to the well-being of persons on the autism spectrum disorder. We envision a society where Filipinos on the spectrum become the best of their potentials -- self-reliant, independent, productive, socially-accepted citizens of an Autism-OK Philippines.

06 September 2022

Meet the Candidates for ASP Antipolo Officers 2022-2024

Autism Society Philippines Antipolo will select its new officers to serve for the year 2022–2024 on September 10, 2022 from 8am to 5pm.

The image shows that a man drops a voting paper in a transparent ballot box.
ASP Antipolo Election Poster

Eight (8) nominees were evaluated by the Election Committee from the ASP National: Election Chair Cenin Faderogao, Abby Mendoza, and Angel Penaloza. The nominees met the minimal standards outlined in the ASP By Laws. After the September 10 election, elected officers will vote among themselves to determine who will fill the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Auditor on the Executive Committee.

Here are the profiles of the final 8 candidates (in alphabetical order) for the ASP Antipolo Officers 2022-2024; including their qualifications and accomplishments to-date in our autism advocacy.

Candidate #1: Barbosa, John Paulo
Nickname: John
Last Position held: New Candidate
Brief Educational background: BSME at Mapua Institute of Technology
Advocacy Accomplishment: Religious Advocacies of Couples for Christ
What is the aspiration for the chapter if elected?
A. For Children:
- They should have access to proper and affordable therapy, education, and activities to provide a good foundation which will be beneficial as they grow older.
B. For teens and young adults
- They should have trainings and activities tailored for the development of their skills to cope with the real challenges in life.
- Plans and programs to help them be self-sufficient and to relate with other members of the community.
- Activities that will enhance their confidence and self-esteem.
- Programs for employment or business opportunities.
C. Family members:
- Support them to be emotionally ready for the constant challenges of having a family member with
- Support on how to handle the daily challenges of life having someone with Autism.
- To make ASP Antipolo as an extended family for each member and their families.

Candidate #2: Cadiz, Claire Anne
Nickname: Claire
Last Position Held: New Candidate
Brief Educational Background: Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management (Undergraduate)
Advocacy Accomplishment:
• Parent Representative for simultaneous 1Pangako pledge in Antipolo City during the celebration of Autism Consciousness Week (January 2019)
• Hosted and facilitated online ASP Antipolo Family Support Groups (July 4, August 8, 2020 and October 9, 2021)
• Guest Teacher for ASP Antipolo Arts Activity (May 16, 2021)
• Volunteer Tech Support and Social Media Support for ASP Antipolo Chapter (December 11, 2021 and March 26, 2022)
• Volunteer for ASP Antipolo Orientation for First Responders November 2019 with 51talk Teachers
• Volunteer for ASP Antipolo Chapter’s Face to Face Gathering (April 17, 2022)
• Volunteer for creating graphics and weekly posting on ASP Antipolo Facebook Page and Group Chat (October 2021-present)
What is the aspiration for the chapter if elected?
Reach out to people to be empowered individuals and families for a more inclusive and accepting community for the people on the autism Spectrum.

Candidate #3: Espejo, Rizza May
Nickname: Mheng
Last Position held: Secretary (2019-2022)
Brief Educational background: College Graduate, Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Advocacy Accomplishment: Continuation of Spreading awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorder to my colleagues, friends and families and to newly acquaintance.
What is the aspiration for the chapter if elected?
Rendering my time, knowledge and skills to continue giving awareness, empowering my co-parents, encourage non-members to be officially member of the ASP, looking forward for ASP Antipolo to grow in number and to be active in activities of ASP National.

Candidate #4: Geli, Ma. Luiza
Nickname: Lui
Last Position held: New Candidate
Brief Educational background: Graduate of Bachelor of Elementary Education, Currently doing thesis for Masters in Education Major in Special Education
Advocacy Accomplishment:
• Represented ASP as a resource speaker in an Autism Sensitivity Orientation and Awareness Seminar.
• Conducted Autism Awareness Webinar in District 1-A Schools in Antipolo.
• Current SPED Coordinator of Sta. Cruz Elementary School, Antipolo.
What is the aspiration for the chapter if elected?
I would like to strengthen the advocacy to spread awareness in different parts of Antipolo, specially in schools, to spread awareness among teachers and parents. I wish to empower families who are undergoing difficulties in handling their children in the spectrum.

Candidate #5: Hatol, Caroline
Nickname: Carol
Last Position held: Treasurer (2019-2022)
Brief Educational background: Bachelor Science in Banking and Finance
Advocacy Accomplishment: Conduct autism awareness thru yearly 1Pangako activity

Candidate #6: Maulleon, Rhoda M.
Nickname: Dhang
Last Position held: Auditor (2019-2022)
Brief Educational background: Graduate of Bachelor of Technology Major in Hotel and Restaurant Management
Advocacy Accomplishment: An official member of ASP-Antipolo Chapter since 2018. One of the participant in various activities and projects created by the chapter.
What is the aspiration for the chapter if elected? Continuously advocates the parent empowerment and family support group which was the intention when ASP-Antipolo Chapter was created in 2018.

Candidate #7:
Siasoco, Joseph Dindo
Nickname: Dindo
Last Position held: Vice President (2019-2022)
Brief Educational background: BS Computer Science
Advocacy Accomplishment: Represented ASP as resource speaker for Sensitivity Training for frontliners for Timezone and Antipolo City Local Government.

Candidate #8: Tabares, Bernadette Jeavian V.
Last Position held: President(2019-2022)
Brief Educational background: Bachelor in Mass Communication (Undergraduate)
Advocacy Accomplishment:
• Has been General Parent-Teacher Association (GPTA) officer in Antipolo City SpEd Center from SY's 2013-2015.
• Represented ASP Marikina as resource speaker for Sensitivity Training in SM Masinag frontliners before being an officer.
• Invited in various speaking engagements as speaker for parent empowerment in raising children with special needs.
• Elected as Vice President of ASP Antipolo Chapter (2018-2019)
• Outgoing President of ASP Antipolo Chapter (2019-2022)
• Represents ASP as resource speaker for Sensitivity Training for frontliners for SM Malls (Masinag, Cherry, Taytay), TimeZone, Antipolo City Local Government.
What is the aspiration for the chapter if elected? Will still continue to do more if ever needed and elected.


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