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01 December 2009

Bad Taste in the Mouth

To Whom it May Concern:

I felt the recent interview left a very bad taste in the mouth of everybody particularly for those parents or relatives with special children, autistic cases in particular.
A Bad Taste in the Mouth

It should have been delivered in a much nicer way without offending somebody else.

Likewise, Noynoy’s remarks was really absurd when he said that over the years of his dealings with everybody including the media, he said that he is a person with sense and hindi walang kwenta. This remarks alone meant to disgrace autistic children.

He could have replied in a more tamed manner with great emphasis of respect to those special children.

Likewise, Ted Failon and other newscasters of ABS-CBN should refrain from using autistic to degrade somebody else.

I hope a public apology shall be given out immediately by the entire management of ABS-CBN to rectify such uncalled for remarks.

A lot of people including myself are not happy.

Thank you.

Albert L. Briones


Unknown said...

Noynoy is not on my vote. I have always felt that Ted Failon and others of his ilk in ABS-CBN are selfish, uncaring, mayabang at bastos.

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