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08 January 2010

Plain Discrimination?

By: Tiffany Tan ASP Board Secretary

A mother and special child were asked to disembark the plane from HK to Manila due to a misinterpretation of their airline policy on not having 2 “special children” on the same flight.

Apparently, the flight attendant misinterpreted their airline policy on “person with mental illness” with “person with disability”.

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The airline allowed the family to fly to Manila after more than an hour’s delay and has issued an apology for the incident.

What you should know:

1. The Magna Carta for Disabled Persons or RA 7277 Chapter 2 Section 34 states “It shall be considered discrimination for the franchisees or operators and personnel of sea, land, and air transportation facilities to charge higher fare or to refuse to convey a passenger, his orthopedic devices, personal effects, and merchandise by reason of his disability.”

2. IATA International (Air Transport Association) and its Member airlines fully support efforts to assure nondiscrimination and to remove barriers to access to travel for passengers with disabilities. Air carriers and airport managing bodies must ensure that their personnel has appropriate knowledge of how to meet the needs of disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility, and should where necessary provide training to that end.

3. Click here for Autism and Travel Safety Tips

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Teacher Baldwin said...

actually, it happened to me years ago when i boarded a plane bound for cebu for an epilepsy support group meeting. i had severe migrane attacked while on board, even the flights attendants that include the pilot were informed that i am a person with epilepsy, they completely don't know anything about epilepsy...we ended up ...i am the one instructing them what to do and it was so humiliating

I feel terrible for the mothers who suffered discrimination from ignorant cebu pacific staff.

they must follow sm educate the frontliners...

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