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25 June 2010

PWA Author, Eric Chen, fan of ASP

By: Tiffany Tan, ASP Board Secretary

Eric Chen, person with autism and author of three books writes to ASP after we featured two articles about him on the blog. He also donated his latest book, Star Child on Earth to the ASP Library.

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Below is his email addressed to ASP National VP, Peng So.

Dear Peng,

Salamat sa writing to me and for writing the blog entries about me. I am glad that you like my book. Just to clarify a few points:

- I met almost all my Pinoy friends during my stay in Macau (while doing autism work full-time for almost a year) and still have very few friends in Singapore.

- I started learning Tagalog to get closer to my friends. I learnt many things that are extensions of my own Chinese culture: pakikisama, utang ng loob, hiya, family relations etc. As I lived with them in Macau, I witnessed many of their struggles and developed much respect for the OFWs who left behind their families to work in a foreign land.

- I did not really "lose" my job, but I quit to study psychology in 2 local universities, but they both rejected me. Hence, I am taking the second job both to please my mother and to raise money to study Waldorf Education in Australia in 2012.

I look forward to sharing at ASP someday when I visit my friends in the Philippines.


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