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16 July 2010

What are the PWD Medical Privileges?

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The Department of Health signed the provisions of medical and related discounts and special privileges for persons with disabilities or DOH Administrative Order#2009-0011 last May 20, 2009.

This is in line with the RA 9442 or the Magna Carta for Persons with Disabilities, providing for the rehabilitation, self-development and self-reliance of PWDs in their integration into the mainstream society.

This specifically required the DOH to institute a national health program for PWDs among others, adopt an integrated and comprehensive approach to the health and development of PWDs which shall make essential health services available to them at affordable cost.

Persons with disabilities, with valid PWD IDs and Medicine Purchase Slip Booklet can now avail of the privileges. Click here to view the complete list of cities and municipalities issuing PWD cards around the Philippines.

PWDs shall be entitled to the following:
1. At least 20% discount for the purchase of medicines (branded or unbranded generic) in all drugstores/establishments dispensing medicines for the exclusive use or enjoyment of PWD

2. At least 20% discount on medical and dental services including diagnostic and laboratory fees such as, but not limited to x-rays, CT scans and blood tests, in all government facilities, professional fees of attending doctors in all private hospitals and medical facilities

3. All PWDs are granted the privilege of 20% discount in all private hospitals and medical facilities for the costs of medical, dental, rehabilitation, occupational and physical and speech therapies or services

Among the provisions for the Penalty and Sanctions are also mentioned in the said Administrative Order. National Council for Disability Affairs is the government agency responsible for the oversight of the law.

For further Information contact the National Council on Disability Affairs at Telephone numbers (632) 952-2809, (632) 951-5013, (632) 951-5925 (NCDA) email address:


Reich said...

does this cover behavior therapy?

Autism Society Philippines said...

Please refer to the DOH Administrative Order 2009-0011

included to give the 20% discount are allied medical practitioners specifying occupational, speech and physical therapies in private hospitals and medical facilities
(see policy statement V #3) doctors (all types) also covered
this means all of them should give 20% discount on their services

hope this helps.

Unknown said...

Does the operation materials like stainless (ortho),anesthesia...included in the discount?

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