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06 September 2012

Why You Should Attend the 5th Regional Conference on Autism

As you are reading this article, you might be asking these questions: “Am I going to attend this conference?” “If I do, what benefit am I going to get by attending this conference?” “Will it be worth my effort and my time?” “Am I going to get more than what I paid for”? A lot more questions like these might spring into your thoughts as the 5th Regional Conference on Autism is fast approaching.

If you are thinking about attending the conference, it’s great to know the value, the lessons, and the gains you can get by doing so. After all, this is done in the spirit of the 12th National Conference on Autism, which was held on 28-29 April 2012 at the Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria, and if you were unable to attend that conference for some reason, this is your chance to partake of the knowledge and the lessons that were imparted during that conference.

If you are a member of a local government unit (LGU), it’s all about knowing how to serve your constituents with the appropriate tools you will need to help them get equipped with skills and be empowered. This conference shall showcase what the Municipality of Carmona, which by the way is one of the most distinguished towns in the Philippines, has done to help persons with disabilities, which comprise part of the town’s constituency. Also, the adage “It takes a village to raise a child” will be proven first-hand, as you will get a chance to visit the facilities that the Persons with Disability Affairs Office has set up to help their constituents with special needs become functional members of society.

If you are a teacher, a professional, and a social worker, among the topics that will be discussed in this conference is community-based rehabilitation, as well as support for adults with autism who are into their transition stage. The lessons from said topics can be used in your everyday duties, particularly in teaching and training persons with autism on life lessons, thus giving them hope.

If you are a parent, you need not worry about being alone in your journey with your child on the autism spectrum. Your fellow parents are there to share their stories on their travels, travails, and triumphs on rearing their children with autism. Also, principles on home-based intervention and family support, topics that will be discussed in this conference, can be nourishing to your journeys. These, coupled with other related topics and panels, can help you feel hope is closer to home.

If you are a student who will be attending the conference, all of the topics can be additional knowledge that you can use for your future assignments, as well as messages of hope to share with your classmates and the student body. Plus, as with any conference, you get a certificate that you can keep, and a credential you can add to your résumé, in case you’ll need it for future job application.

If you are a person with autism, you can get to acquaint yourself with your fellow PWAs, who will also be present throughout the conference. Get a chance to gain new friends, meet with old ones, and help inspire each other and all the other participants. What’s more, a few of us will be present in the panel, sharing our journeys right off the bat, and how we, despite the many challenges posed by our condition, manage to have hope and make it through daily living.

If you are a sibling of a person with autism, others like you are on the same page as you’re on. You can get to know one another, and share your hopes and experiences with your siblings with autism. After all, birds of the same feather flock together, and in this conference, flocking with other siblings would be the best way to go, and it would be an opportunity to gain strength and lessons in your further journeys with your sibling on the autism spectrum.

So, if you are thinking that these are good reasons enough to attend the conference, take advantage of this opportunity to be part of HOPE@HOME! See you there!

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The 5th Regional Conference on Autism, with the theme “Living with Autism: HOPE@HOME,” will be held on 8-9 September 2012 at San Lazaro Business and Leisure Park, Carmona, Cavite. For more information and inquiries on the 5th Regional Conference, please contact Ms. Chie Marquez of ASP Bacoor at 0917-540-6727. For LGUs, please contact Ms. Jan Peña at 0920-824-7636.


This article was a contribution from Gerard Joseph Atienza, ASP Bacoor Chapter Member


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