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05 April 2018

Lessons of Faith

My brother is a person with autism, and I am proud to say it. Kuya Brainard, throughout the years, has been inspiring many people, including myself. Our family is extraordinary because of him. Truly, we thank God for him. It is a privilege having him in the family, for he made our love stronger. Without my brother, I wouldn’t be here, sharing all of the great things he has done; because our journey with him is not as easy as it would be.

My brother was only three years old when my parents found out that he had autism. My parents were heartbroken about it; and they had no idea how to deal with his condition. My brother is the eldest, while I am the youngest; but our relationship as brother-sister seems the other way around. My whole life, I hold the responsibility of taking care of my brother and protecting him. I felt embarrassed at times; because he did not fit in. As a family, we struggled to keep up with him. We also struggled to accept his exceptionality. In hindsight, I realize now that he would be used by God to change us and our perception of him and others like him; and to open our hearts and minds.

God definitely uses other people and organizations to bless my brother, as well as my family. ILLC, the school where my brother learned to be independent, to relate with other people and to improve work skills. The Autism Society Philippines, through the Autism Works program, helped find my brother a job, and continue to look out for other opportunities for him in the future. SM Savemore Supermarket gave my brother the opportunity to be productive. He has worked in SM Savemore Light Residences in Mandaluyong; and in SM Savemore Mezza Residences in Quezon City. We are grateful for the efforts of the advocates working in these organizations; and also the people who are involved in my brother’s life, who keep on encouraging and praying for Kuya Brainard.

My brother has taught us one thing: BE PATIENT. Everything does not always go as planned; but with faith in God, all will be well. I believe my brother’s autism is not an accident; but is part of God’s plan to change and bless our family and the people around us.

About the contributor. Beatrice Tabije is Brainard’s youngest and only sister. She is a senior high school student at University of Asia and the Pacific.


Don Bosco Health Center said...

You are an adorable sister...You're like my daughter, but she's the eldest (13yrs.old while his brother is the youngest) and also a loveable sister to her brother with ASD.GOD Bless all the kids like you! My daughter and you, are really a blessing to the family..just continue support, love and understand your brother and god will do the rest for you! So long...God bless you, your brother and your family..

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