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02 February 2010

Autism Information and Support

By: Cathy Genovia

ASP filled January 19, 20 and 23, respectively, with free lectures on autism and family support group sessions.

One of the most requested lectures of ASP, “Understanding Autism,” was given by ASP Chair Emeritus, Dang Koe. About 100 people were present during the lecture at the Social Hall of DENR.

Participants of the said lectures

Commission on Human Rights’ Mr. Redante Basas, CHR Director IV, gave an overview of the UNCRPD or the United Nations Charter for the Rights of People with Disabilities, while National Council of Disability Affairs (NCDA) Regional Programs Coordinator,Ms. Flerida Labanon, lectured on the Magna Carta for Persons with Disabilities.

The Role of Professionals in the Management of Autism Seminar was attended by 200 professionals. Lectures were given by Dr. Jacqueline Navarro, Developmental Pediatrician; Prof. Archie David, Occupational Therapist; Dr. Ferdiliza Garcia, Speech Pathologist and Prof. Geevee Rivadelo, SPED Teacher. The seminar was held at the DSWD Central Office Auditorium.

Participants of the said public forum

To address pressing concerns of parents, ASP pilots the first Family Support Group outside the ASP office. The FSG was facilitated by Carmel Almendrala, ASP Trustee. Mr Rimando Rania, owner and principal Cradle of Learners School, welcomed 11 participants, composed of 5 mothers, a grandmother, 3 siblings, a cousin, plus a professional.

ASP Board of Trustee and facilitator Ms. Carmel Almendrala and the participants of the first Family Support Group outside the ASP office

Some of the concerns raised during the FSG were problems on adolescents with autism. Topics ranged from sex, circumcision, masturbation and how to teach CWAs to “behave appropriately” in public.

Participants of the Family Support Group facilitated by Ms Carmel

An interesting revelation was found out among the 3 siblings, all elder brothers to a CWA. They reported of their parents’ tolerance of the undesirable behavior (such as tantrums) of the CWA by “babying” him or “giving in” to his desires/wishes with instant gratification (giving him his favorite food/toy) to appease him.

However, according to the 3 brothers, if the parents are not present in the home, the sibling with CWA remains calm and would not exhibit such behaviors. The issue of favoritism and jealousy was then raised.

A second FSG was facilitated by incoming ASP Trustee, Fredeswina Javier, who returns to ASP after a seven year hiatus. She took up Masters in Special Education and now returns to help others. Participants of the said FSG were 6 mothers, 2 fathers, a sister and a professional.

Parents of newly diagnosed children with autism as well as the veterans were able to exchange ideas and time tested tips in coping with the challenges raising PWAs.

ASP Board of Trustee and facilitator Ms. Fredeswina Javier and the participants of the Family Support Group here at ASP office

ASP continues to work hard to inform others about autism and help empower families. We have different programs and services that might cater to your families’ growing needs.

Participants of the Family Support Group facilitated by Ms Fredeswina

Keep checking the blog for updates on the latest seminars, intervention and new best practices on autism. You can write us at, or click here for more information.


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